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The anticipation of players has officially been rewarded when FIFA Mobile 22 launches players globally in the near future. This is a brand new version that brings drastic improvements over the version over a year ago. The change is necessary because the game market is growing with more and more novel products. So, let’s learn more about this special game.

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Introduce about FIFA Mobile 22

FIFA Mobile 22 – Improved in many aspects compared to the previous version

Unlike previous years, publisher Electronic Arts have just released the latest version for the hit FIFA series which will be released early next year. FIFA Mobile 22 is a product to help players experience the special features of FIFA 22 first and then look for unsatisfactory points to give feedback to the publisher.

FIFA Mobile 22

This will help them identify flaws and fix problems before releasing the official version on the game market. This is an interesting move by EA, they have done something that no other publisher in the world has thought of. Currently, this game has not officially appeared on Google Play or the App Store. You can only download the game through the APK file below this article.

The famous FIFA series

Surely EA is no stranger to players around the world. They are one of the leading publishers in the production of sports games. Most of the products coming from them are always carefully polished in terms of images to the gameplay to help players always feel satisfied during the experience. The FIFA series too. It is one of the most popular football games in the world at the moment.

So, every year publisher EA will release a game that is different in terms of name and has new improvements. For example, in FIFA 19, FIFA 20, and most recently FIFA 21. Through these products, you will be immersed in the exciting atmosphere of a match but still, feel the different upgrade points. EA has decided to bring FIFA Mobile 22 to help players get a better overview of the upcoming game.

New control mechanism

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The first point of improvement is that the control system in FIFA Mobile 22 will be completely different from previous versions. You are still provided with a virtual steering wheel to help the players move easily. A special feature is that the publisher has equipped a virtual key located on the right of the experience screen. It is integrated with all operations such as passing, shooting, performing skills. This is relatively new and promises to surprise the players. You should join a practice course before participating in the game experience so as not to feel surprised.

Join the top matches

FIFA Mobile 22 is not too different in terms of gameplay compared to previous versions. You will still be able to participate in the top matches through modes like PvP or PvE. Players can alternate between these two game modes so as not to get bored during the enjoyment. Your task is still to choose a team, arrange a reasonable squad, control the players on the field and score goals into the opponent’s net.

You will still be provided with a squad with unknown players and start your own teamwork. Try to win as many victories in the game to receive a worthy bonus, thereby bringing the team quality contracts like Ronaldo or Messi to increase strength. Besides, AI algorithms have also been added to the matches. They will help players get the most realistic experience possible.

Card opening feature

Opening cards is no longer strange to many players around the world, FIFA Mobile 22 allows you to own random cards. After opening the card you will have the ability to receive players with high or low stats depending on the luck of each individual. In general, this feature has appeared for a long time on previous versions of FIFA. But publisher EA still wants to bring an improvement to its strategic product line. You need to experience this beta to give reasonable suggestions to make the card opening feature more interesting.

High-quality graphics

download fifa mobile 22 apk

FIFA Mobile 22 is still equipped with the same 3D graphics format as previous versions but has improved a lot in the moving effects of the players. Thereby helping players feel the smoothness in each ball that the game brings. In addition, the details in the game are guaranteed to be in harmony in terms of color as well as the vivid reproduction of the shapes of the players on the field. This will make you feel extremely excited when enjoying the game. Note, your device needs to own a fairly high configuration to be able to experience the game stably.

How to install FIFA Mobile 22

Step 1: You can download the (Original APK) version of FIFA Mobile 22 from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Check your device’s settings to see if it has the unknown installation feature enabled. If not, turn it on.

Step 3: Then, open the downloaded APK file and “Tap install”.

Step 4: Finally, you just need to open the game and play it on your phone.

Update version of FIFA Mobile 22

Version 18.9.01

Currently, the game only supports 3 regions:

  • India
  • Romania
  • Canada

Note: To experience the game, you use any VPN “” to fake IP to one of the three regions above.

Download FIFA Mobile 22 APK for Android

FIFA Mobile 22 can be considered as the most elaborately invested test version from the publisher EA. You will experience almost completely the new features of FIFA Mobile 22 which will be released early next year. Players can play the game and give suggestions to help the publisher improve and bring a complete version as soon as possible.

Note, currently, this game only supports 3 regions: India, Romania, and Canada. To experience the game, you should use any VPN application at our website to fake the IP address to one of the 3 regions mentioned above.

Features MOD:

  • Coming Soon


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