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Update OnJanuary 28, 2023
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Dream League Soccer 2023 MOD APK is the latest football management game released by First Touch Games. This is an extremely famous king sport in the world, promising to bring great experience in 2021. Let us find out what this game has more special than the previous version.

Note: You can refer to other football management games like FIFA Mobile 22 or Football Manager 2022 Mobile.

Introduce about Dream League Soccer 2023

DLS 2023 – Ultimate soccer game 2023

download dream league soccer 2023

As you know, Dream League Soccer 2023 has just been upgraded and improved by First Touch Games in display quality. With what’s in this version, we believe you will be overwhelmed by the excellent image quality. This is proven with the number of installs reaching 50 million on Google Play. How about you, ready to install and experience the traditional football game DLS 2023?

How to play DLS 2023

In the first experience, Dream League Soccer 2023 players will start their work as amateur coaches and are in the process of perfecting themselves. Therefore, you will have to train a normal opponent and nothing stands out from the others. The main task of the player is to choose the most suitable team in each match, thereby adjusting the tactics appropriately to help your team can win against all other opponents.

The goal is to win as many victories as you can while enjoying the game because this will give your team fame and money. This will attract big names like Ronaldo, Messi, Salah, KaKa to join your team in the near future. Do not forget to upgrade the skills and tactics for your team to help the players improve important skills such as free kicks, penalties, corner kicks, fitness.

Classic match

download dream league soccer 2023 mod apk

In football, it is indispensable for classic matches, where the coaches and players on the pitch show their best to be able to win the final. Dream League Soccer 2023 too, players will be participating in the top leagues around the world and try to become champions. This is not a simple task at all because the other opponents are willing to punish your mistakes and win easily.

Confrontation with other players

DLS 2023 has been pretty much improved on artificial intelligence to bring players real challenges throughout the game experience. Remember that your opponents are machines and they have many times more intelligent than humans, so to be able to win against them requires you to experience the game for quite a long time.

In addition, this game not only allows players to play against the machine but can freely compare with other players around the world through an internet connection. This is truly a great opportunity for you to prove your talent and turn your club into a new symbol in the field of football.

Upgrade football player

After each match, players will receive a reward amount corresponding to the achievement that they have achieved. This money will help you do a lot of things in this game. For example, buying more players during transfer seasons, upgrading facilities, expanding the size of the club. At the same time, all the players in your squad will receive experience points as well as other important skills after a match ends.

To own famous players or football legends, the cost you need is a huge amount. And this is also the characteristic of the free game to play “Free to Play”. Dream League Soccer 2023 allows you to download and play completely free, but it also contains some items that require you to use real money to buy.

Top tournaments

download dream league soccer 2023 apk

Dream League Soccer 2023 brings the top league system in the world. Here is a summary of the latest top tournaments in 2021.

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Seria A
  • The Bundesliga
  • Europa league

More specifically, there will be the most advanced tournament in the world that is the UEFA Champion League. This is a tournament for 4 teams to top the rankings of each country. This is truly the most awaited tournament in 2021.

Multiplayer modes

1. Dream League Soccer 2023 offers 2 main game modes

Offline (Offline) and online (Online).

2. With mode (Offline)

You can practice with the bost, practice skills, and fight real.

3. With the mode (Online)

You will be competing with other opponents around the world.

Graphics 3D

The graphics of Dream League Soccer 2023 will still be a traditional 3D style like other football games on the market. In fact, it has improved quite a lot in terms of graphics compared to the 2020 version in order to give players a better display quality and more beautiful. The interface design of this game has also been refreshed and the graphical configuration has been raised to 1080p, so players need to experience the game on a device with a configuration high enough to not occur lag.

How to install Dream League Soccer 2023

Step 1: Download the version Dream League Soccer 2023 (APK & MOD) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Tap install file DLS 2023_MOD_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “Dream League Soccer 2023 by Modded-1.com”.

Step 4: Open game DLS 2023 and enjoy.

FAQs for Dream League Soccer 2023

1: Is Dream League Soccer 2023 (DLS 2023) MOD APK Safe?

Yes, this DLS 2023 MOD APK is 100% safe to use when you download it at Modded-1.com. It doesn’t need any root requirement.

2: Is Dream League Soccer 2023 (DLS 2023) Mod legal?

To be honest, every MOD APK is not legal and that’s why you’ll never see a MOD APK on an official App store.

3: Can I play the Dream League Soccer 2023 (DLS 2023) MOD APK in my low range mobile?

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

4: Dream League Soccer 2023 (DLS 2023) supports in which countries?

DLS 2023 is globally supported for Android and iOS devices.

New update in Dream League Soccer 2023

Version 10.110

  • Bug fixes

Download Dream League Soccer 2023 MOD APK for Android

In Dream League Soccer 2023, players will still be allowed to create a dream team of their own. As the manager and head coach, players will lead a team called Dream FC. Choosing any player as the captain and other random squads. DLS 2023 allows comfortable customization of the player’s name, competition outfit, shoes, and logo. This will definitely make your experience process much more interesting and unique than the previous version. Overall, this game is really worth enjoying at the present time.

Features MOD:

MOD (V1)

  • Stupid AI
  • Bots Don’t Move
  • Bots Spawn In One Place

MOD (V2)

  • Dumb AI // AI Doesn’t do anything
  • Dumb GoalKeeper // GK doesn’t do anything
  • No Foul // No Fouls for tackle or keeper
  • No Offside // Offsides are not triggered
  • No Injuries // Players never get injured
  • Unlimited Substitutions // Can Substitute more than 3 players (not at once)
  • Unlimited Stamina // Stamina Never Decreases
  • Freeze Game Clock // Freezes Match Time
  • Throw In = Halftime // Throw In Ends the Current Half
  • Custom Kit/Logo Unlocked // Can use Custom Kit and Logo
  • All Customizations Unlocked // Kits/Logo/Coach Customizations
  • All Emojis Unlocked // All Emojis for Online
  • All Formations Unlocked // All Player Formations Usable
  • No Ads // Removes Ads at Halftime and Instant Skip Bonus Ad
  • No Forfeit Penalty // Forfeiting the match won’t add any goals to enemy team
  • 15 Goals // Adds 15 Goals instead of 1 (Works for enemy too so turn on only when you score)
  • Clear Goals // Scoring a goal sets it to 0 (Turn it on and score own goal to remove any goals against you)

MOD (V3)

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Goals
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Freeze Time
  • Freeze Player
  • Dumb Enemy
  • Dumb AI
  • No Injury
  • Unlock Custom Kits
  • Unlock Kits
  • Unlock Logo
  • Unlock Manager
  • Disable Enemy Goal

Note: If there are any errors during the launch of the game, delete the game, find it in the Play Store and put it on download. Once the download percentage appears, cancel the download and reinstall the game from the Modded-1.com website.


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