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Update OnOctober 29, 2021
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Wizards Greenhouse Idle APK is a simulation game that gives players a completely new experience of the idle game series. Here, players will explore the magical world and be responsible for developing special crops. No limits, no quests, all you need to do is simply play the game the way you want.

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Introduce about Wizards Greenhouse Idle

Wizards Greenhouse Idle – An idle game set in a magical world

The plants in the magical world always appear different from reality, and the way of care is also done in its way. Coming to Wizards Greenhouse Idle, players will understand more about how to grow and harvest from these crops. Accordingly, this is a simple idle game from publisher Harha Studios. For those who do not know, this publisher specializes in producing games set in the magical world on mobile platforms.

download wizards greenhouse idle apk

Wizards Greenhouse Idle is no exception. It is a new game, so it takes time to verify the success compared to other products. Currently, players can easily download the game through the App Store as well as Google Play for a quick experience. Don’t miss this game if you are looking for a simple idle game to entertain after hours of studying and working hard.

Become a herbalist

Unlike other magical world mining games, Wizards Greenhouse Idle will not bring players the element of combat. Instead, the player will become a herbalist with the task of growing herbs in a glass room. Why a glass room? Because it will help herbs easily photosynthesize and grow without too much influence from the outside nature.

Basically, players will not have to perform too many actions in this game. Everything is automated, your task is simply to touch the screen to collect the energy from the herbal plants. Each type of tree will provide a different amount of energy. And of course, you can also upgrade them to exploit more resources in the later stage.

Cultivation scale development

In the glass room, the player can produce energy sources, secret ingredients used by witches around the world. Therefore, players need to grow in size to fully meet the requirements of their partners. However, you need to be aware that only 9 types of herbal plants are grown at the same time. That is, even if you expand the glass room, it will not increase productivity.

download wizards greenhouse idle mod apk

Accordingly, Wizards Greenhouse Idle provides only one way to do this, which is to grow new plants or upgrade old plants to the maximum. Besides, each herb in the game will have a certain life cycle and they will disappear after their life cycle ends. Of course, the number of resources they bring will be more than the amount you spend to buy them. Make a reasonable calculation to own the best herbs in this game.

Hard work is the key element

As mentioned, Wizards Greenhouse Idle is a traditional idle game but changed in context and space when playing. Therefore, players will still have to work hard, log in and experience the game regularly to create a large number of resources. Although the crops will still provide energy during the offline player, it will be negligible. In general, the more time a player spends playing the game, the better the results you will receive. Not only that, but this game also offers a lot of interesting side quests, you can complete them to receive valuable rewards.

Unlock new herbs

The next highlight from this game is the number of herbs that it provides quite diverse. Each type will have completely different characteristics and energy sources. Therefore, players need to learn carefully about each herb before deciding to cultivate them. Besides, you can also create new herbs by crossing them with each other. The hybrid at success or failure depends a lot on the luck factor of each player.

Deserving award

download wizards greenhouse idle mod money

Log in to the game regularly, successfully completing works will help players receive worthy rewards. Specifically, collecting energy from herbs and selling it to partners will help you earn a specific amount of gold. You can use this money to expand the area you live in or even own a dragon, an owl, etc. to accompany you during the game. Don’t worry, although equipped with magical powers, the pets in the game will not harm anyone.

How to install Wizards Greenhouse Idle

Step 1: Download Wizards Greenhouse Idle (Original APK) version released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: On Android phones, allow the game “Wizards Greenhouse Idle” to access unknown settings.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Wizards Greenhouse Idle APK for Android

Wizards Greenhouse Idle is really a novel idle game with an interesting magical world setting and brings the necessary mystery. The details in the game are also beautiful, along with the high-quality 3D graphics platform. We firmly believe that players will quickly feel the real beauty of the real magic world right on the experience screen. Overall, this game has just been released not too long ago, so the upcoming updates will help it become more complete in many aspects.

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