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The war through the historical eras will be fully demonstrated through Totally Accurate Battle Simulator APK. This is a fascinating simulation game that allows players to explore real battles in history through realistic physics. Any time or scale is vividly reproduced when you experience this game.

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Introduce about Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – The game simulates battles in history

Do you want to explore the ages in history? Or even be a part of the wars of history? Join Totally Accurate Battle Simulator to experience all the battles in any period you want. Accordingly, the publisher XD Entertainment Pte Ltd brings a lot of different historical periods for you to experience.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

It includes the Stone Age, the Middle Age, the Renaissance Age, and more. The special thing is that all battles are shown through ragdoll effects that promise to bring you the most vivid experience possible. Accordingly, this effect will make the action scenes much more quirky and fun. Download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator via the APK link below this article and play the game your way right now.

Extremely realistic battles

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator provides players with all the elements to create intense wars at their will. More specifically, players can create many different units and arrange them in the right position to be ready for intense battles. At the same time, the battles will be shown completely automatically, you just need to sit and watch without having to do anything.

Besides, players can join the Campaign or Sandbox mode to play the game at their will. For example, the Campaign mode allows you to assemble an available army to fight countless enemies through an extremely limited budget. In contrast, Sandbox mode allows players to design things and enjoy the fight with unlimited money. You just need to move the camera around the map to observe the battle in the most realistic way.

Unlock and use a variety of troops

download totally accurate battle simulator mod

The next highlight of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is that it gives players a lot of different units to choose from. Examples include Chieftain, Bone Mage, Protector, Clubber, Stoner, Spear Thrower, Mammoth, and more. Each unit will have a different shape and combat effect that allows players to freely choose. Of course, you should refer to the information of each soldier unit to come up with the most appropriate combat strategy. You can use any army and place them in the right place on the battlefield.

Develop military

Keep in mind that units will have different costs in Campaign mode. Therefore, players need to choose based on available economic resources to create the most optimal army. At the same time, the units in the game also interact with each other, and you can choose the enemy’s enemy minions to increase the victory rate. Moreover, after each battle, the units will level up and add many different elements such as stats, weapons, and corresponding strength. This will help the player to form the most powerful army and explore the entire period in the game.

Explore different eras

There are many eras for you to explore in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Each period will have its own context, the corresponding military system, and the development of society. The change in the appearance of the military system is also a factor that makes this game more attractive. At the same time, the more advanced the historical periods, the more the war scale and the more modern weapons. If you are a person who wants to learn more about different historical periods, playing this game will also be a great choice.

Graphics and sound create accents

download totally accurate battle simulator apk

Although the details in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator are designed quite sketchy, not too prominent, but will definitely give you certain impressions. Because most of them are exploited according to the ragdoll effect, you will immediately feel fun right from the way the characters are created. At the same time, you can easily recognize specific details such as weapons, armor, and corresponding soldier units for the first time. In addition, the sound is also quite well designed with many sounds emitted during the battle.

How to install Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Step 1: The APK link for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is available below the article, please choose the appropriate version to download.

Step 2: Next, tap the Install button on the screen once the download is complete.

Step 3: Finally, the icon of the game will be added to the main screen. Log into the game, players will see the words “Totally Accurate Battle Simulator by MODDED-1” as a notification.

Download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator APK for Android

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is ready to bring you the epic and massive scale of battles through the ages. Everything is shown very intuitively through the image of each individual character and their abilities promise to make you feel satisfied. Besides, the publisher has also perfected the game through player suggestions, feedback, and bug reports to provide the best experience.

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