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Update OnNovember 24, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Join Streamer Life Simulator to build your life like a real Streamer. So what will you do to grow and make a lot of money from Streaming? Starting from zero and a bad place to stay, but you will have many ways to get out of it. Explore it now.

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Introduce about Streamer Life Simulator

Streamer Life Simulator – Streamer’s life simulation game

The streaming industry is not so new as it was quite popular with everyone a few years ago. Therefore, it is not too difficult to find famous streamers on social platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, etc. With a subscription of about 100,000 or more, a streamer can earn a high profit depending on the viewers per streaming. Therefore, this industry is gradually becoming one of the career trends in the near future.

download streamer life simulator apk

But not everyone knows how to become a famous streamer. So, Streamer Life Simulator, the game from the publisher Cheesecake Dev, has been built in a simulation and role-playing style for players to discover the life of a streamer for themselves. The impressive point of this game is that it allows gamers to participate in a realistic living environment in a 3D format. Therefore, they will have the opportunity to explore more besides streaming with a computer screen.

Start your career from zero

As you know, any profession requires you to learn everything from the simplest things. And so is streaming. Players will start their career in a bad place, with an old car and a dog. But luckily, they also have a room with an old computer. Start here and you can change your life.

Streamer Life Simulator does not require the player to follow its story. Instead, it allows them to do whatever they want to build and develop their own careers. But at the beginning, players will receive a few instructions to start their streaming career. That is, you need to prepare the necessary tools and equipment such as computers, Internet, tables, chairs, cameras, etc. You also need to know how to use the computer to stream, how to access the game system to play and stream online, and more. But then the player can play his way.

Stream what you like

Streamer Life Simulator has quite a few games on a variety of topics for you to play and stream. Shooting games, raids, online soccer, horror adventures, are often good suggestions. If gamers play better, they can attract more viewers and donate. This is the basic way to make money from streaming on online platforms.

download streamer life simulator mod apk

Note: For good streaming, players also need to invest in good equipment. So, accumulate money to buy more equipment such as cameras, decorations or replace the old computer. The game’s store will have a lot of good equipment, along with product reviews from users. Therefore, gamers can come here to review and buy the necessary things.

Adventure in a 3D virtual world

What do you think about being a streamer? Are you going to sit in your room all day playing games and streaming? Not really. Streamer Life Simulator will give players an extremely large world for you to explore everything around in a first-person perspective. Players can drive cars around the city and participate in outdoor activities. You are free to cook, bathe, walk your dog, exercise, and even socialize with people around you.

In addition to streaming hours, players can explore the surrounding area to collect useful items. They can then sell them at the pawnshop for extra money. Lots of other jobs that players can join to adventure and earn extra income. Thus, you will have a real-life right on your phone. Daily tasks and activities are no different from reality.

Controls and graphics

It is very easy to control your character’s movement in the game. There is a multi-way button on the left side of the screen for the player to move the character. At the same time, there are some function buttons on the right side of the screen for players to perform operations. Besides, when sitting at the computer, players can do everything according to the instructions on the screen. Using a calculator is not much different from reality, so it’s quick to understand.

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In addition, in terms of graphics, Streamer Life Simulator is built in 3D format. However, the environment in the game is not so realistic as what players expect. Even so, the details are still well represented, the colors are harmonious, the background is varied, the movement is also quite smooth. So it’s a great game to play.

How to install Streamer Life Simulator

Step 1: Download the Streamer Life Simulator (APK or MOD) version developed at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device. Allow “Streamer Life Simulator” to access the installer on your phone.

Step 3: Open the Streamer Life Simulator_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file. Select settings.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the main screen.

Download Streamer Life Simulator APK MOD for Android

Streamer Life Simulator is a place for you to unleash your creativity with streaming work. You can play what you like and develop your career in many ways. Besides streaming, players can also participate in daily activities and interact with their surroundings. This creates the authentic experience that many gamers are looking for. However, the game still has some bugs such as lag or game out. Its publisher has looked into this issue and will fix it soon.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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