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Update OnMay 14, 2022
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Running Survival APK gives players an engaging escape experience. More specifically, you will be chased by Poppy, one of the scariest cartoon characters in the present time. Find ways to run away from his pursuit to win this game.

Note: You can refer to some similar games like Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 or Poppy Horror: Chapter One.

Introduce about Running Survival

Running Survival – Enjoy the hide and seek game with the Poppy character

Poppy is a relatively familiar character for players who love the horror game genre on the mobile platform. Therefore, there have been many games inspired by this character born and bring players unforgettable experiences. Running Survival is one of them. This game is developed based on the familiar hide-and-seek style.

Running Survival

You will become the object of Poppy’s search, this is when you need to show your skills to be able to escape from him. Publisher FALCON GAME PUBLISHING has fully integrated attractive elements in this game. So you just need to download it through Google Play or App Store to enjoy it now.

Choose a role when playing

As mentioned, the gameplay of Running Survival is developed based on the popular hide and seek game. In the game, you need to choose the right role to enjoy according to your will. You can become a seeker or a hider. Each role will have a completely different way of working. But they also have a close relationship so that players can easily understand the rules of the game. Accordingly, this game allows players to freely choose their favorite role without any constraints.

Familiar gameplay

If you become a fugitive, the player will have to be careful in his every move to avoid Poppy’s sight. Basically, the setting in this game is a large room with a lot of objects around. This is a good opportunity for you to escape the pursuit of the enemy. You should make use of the surrounding objects and arrange them into safe shelters. You will have to find a way to hide from Poppy or push other opponents into the seeker’s line of sight to stay safe and become the last survivor.

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On the contrary, if you become Poppy, your task will be a little different. You need to control your character to find people hiding around the room. They can hide anywhere so don’t ignore any suspicious details. Although it has an advantage over those who hide, it is not easy for you to find all the other players. Because the location in Running Survival is quite large with many different rooms arranged.

Many places to explore

Running Survival gives players many locations with completely different details. Each location will have a layout similar to reality, giving players a familiar feeling every time they experience it. Most of the details that appear on the screen also make an impression on us from the first time we enjoy the game. Sometimes the appearance of a gloomy room, and at the same time brighter rooms but with the appearance of monsters. Constantly moving through different locations will definitely make you feel more in love with this game.

Image quality is at a decent level

It is not too difficult to understand when the image quality in the game is not too elaborate with a simple style. Running Survival owns beautiful images combined with quite dark colors to give players a feeling of suspense and fear during the enjoyment. In addition, the details in the game may change by the impact of the player during the experience.

Live sound

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A notable highlight of Running Survival is the sound element when the game is equipped with lively background music. Accordingly, you will feel more nervous when the character performs certain actions in the game. In just a moment of distraction, you will notice that everything becomes extremely difficult through the continuous scary sounds. Overall, this is a game that will help you relax and have fun but will not be suitable for the faint of heart.

How to install Running Survival

Step 1: Download the Running Survival APK at Modded-1.com via the link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file by clicking on it and selecting Install.

Step 3: After installation is complete, the game icon will appear on the phone screen. Just click to open and play the game right away.

Note, if you have any other version of the game on your phone, please uninstall it first.

Download Running Survival APK for Android

Compared to games of the same genre, Running Survival really brings improvements to help players enjoy great entertainment moments. The game still retains the gameplay built in a simple style from the publisher FALCON GAME PUBLISHING. At the same time, it is equipped with unique features to suit the needs of many players around the world. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game and enjoy it right away.

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