Prank Master 3D 1.16 APK + MOD [Remove Ads] Download

Lion Studios
Update OnOctober 5, 2022
MOD FeaturesRemove Ads
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Prank Master 3D MOD APK is a traditional casual game where you perform evil trolls to make the protagonist go crazy about what’s going on. Do you want to do trolls without having to worry about the consequences? Try to experience this game now.

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Introduce about Prank Master 3D

Prank Master 3D – A summary of the trolls

Troll is a term that is gaining popularity at the moment. Most trolls only target a certain target, and a few others will come up with a way to do it to get the best possible trolling. After the troll is over, the person being trolled will feel extremely angry and annoyed. On the contrary, subjects who devise the troll as well as perform it will be happy with what they have done. However, be very careful because excessive trolls will make the other party feel extremely hated and ready to take revenge at all costs.

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That is also how Prank Master 3D works – an interesting game from the famous Lion Studios publisher. In this game, players can freely perform trolls on the main character without having to worry about its consequences. Wouldn’t it be great if you successfully trolled and made the main character angry? That is also the reason why this game quickly achieved more than 1 million installs on Google Play in the present time.


As mentioned above, Prank Master 3D’s gameplay is mainly around the trolls playing against the main character. All you need to do is use the on-screen objects to achieve the desired result and achieve the goal. Each level will bring you to a completely different context to accomplish that goal make the main character feel angry.

Each time doing troll, the player will be given 2 options. You will have to think carefully before making your decision to achieve your goals quickly. If chosen correctly, the main character will encounter an unexpected accident and become extremely angry. On the contrary, if they fail, the player just needs to choose again and win immediately.

Operation principle

Maybe the gameplay mentioned above will not fully satisfy the information about the operation of Prank Master 3D. Therefore, to better understand the challenges available in the game, you should read on to this section.

For example:

The character is sleeping and your task is to turn his face into a rainbow of 7 colors. So what will you do when you have 2 options: color paint bottle and toothpaste tube?

Or when he is playing a PC game, will you bring in an energy drink or unplug the power supply?

Try downloading the game and experience it to get the most accurate answer.

Enjoy the joke

Just like some games of the same genre, Prank Master 3D will provide players with a three-dimensional space. This means you can easily see the whole troll progression. Therefore, you just need to make the right choice and enjoy your joke without having to do anything. If the right choice and the protagonist trolls successfully, you will get a substantial bonus. This amount is used to customize the character’s appearance such as changing hairstyles, pants, clothes.


True to its name, Prank Master 3D’s graphics are designed based on a beautiful 2D format. Promises to bring “one of a kind” trolls right on the phone screen. Most of the details in the game are designed to resemble real-life elements. Besides, the surroundings, as well as objects, will change after each game screen, to help you always feel certain excitement. Overall, the image quality of this game is quite good and there aren’t too many points to complain about.

How to install Prank Master 3D

Step 1: Download Prank Master 3D (MOD, Remove Ads) at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Allow your device access to unknown apps.

Step 3: Click install Prank Master 3D.

Step 4: Finally, touch the icon of this game right on the screen to experience it.

Download Prank Master 3D MOD APK for Android

In the current gaming market, it is not difficult to find a game with addictive casual gameplay, and Prank Master 3D is one of them. This game will definitely bring you an extremely enjoyable experience through the endless trolls built-in. Here, players will be unleashed and make the main character always in a state of frustration with what is happening around him. What are you waiting for, quickly download the game, and discover interesting things in this game right now?

MOD Features:

  • Remove Ads


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