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505 Games Srl
Update OnApril 10, 2022
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Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Pocket Pioneers APK is an engaging simulation game where you and other players will build a fun community together in real-time. Hundreds of special quests and challenges will take you on unprecedented adventures to uncover all the mysteries. Are you ready?

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Introduce about Pocket Pioneers

Pocket Pioneers – Multiplayer simulation game

To expand its collection, publisher 505 Games Srl continued to launch Pocket Pioneers not long ago. This game is built with a simulation genre combining adventure elements in the open world. Therefore, it has a large community with thousands of players from more than 130 different countries.

download pocket pioneers mod apk

So I can say that Pocket Pioneers is the most exciting game you will ever come across. The game will bring hundreds of endless adventures and countless special challenges to keep gamers busy with friends. Besides the gameplay, I am also quite impressed with the image in the game, it is extremely cute with a cartoon style and bright colors. This will be a great entertainment place for gamers of all ages.

Build a new life

In Pocket Pioneers, players can build a prosperous life they love on their own. Initially, they will only receive an empty space consisting of a small house and a garden to grow crops. But later on, they can expand it further, even they will have a fertile farm with all kinds of plants and flowers.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Because in the beginning, you will meet Fernandeer, the assistant of the city and he will guide you in everything to prepare for a good life. First, he will show the player how to take the bus to his place of residence, then the steps to plant, fertilize, harvest, and more. After that, players need to find other friends in different lands by themselves to exchange and learn. Over time, you will become a real resident of this city.

Complete hundreds of quests

download pocket pioneers apk full

Life in Pocket Pioneers will be quite busy because it offers hundreds of different missions and challenges for players. But don’t worry about this, because each mission brings you joy and many good relationships. Players will receive quests from local residents and are ready to complete them to help level up and receive rewards. Overall, these tasks are quite simple but easy to bring a lot of fun. They not only help players grow their farms but also level up relationships.

Decorate your home

Don’t forget to build and decorate your home with beautiful furniture. Initially, it was just a small wooden house, but it can be infinitely customized to become richer. You can replace wooden walls with paint, tile, and add tables, chairs, murals, plants, fireplaces, etc. Imagine your dream home and build it in Pocket Pioneers. Would it be nice to have a warm place to return to after hours of adventure and labor? But beware, things won’t be so easy to get at the beginning. Each item, decoration will need money to buy, and the player must accumulate it every day.

Explore the big world

There are many open activities that players can join with thousands of other players in the world of Pocket Pioneers. For example, go cave mining, fishing, tending crops, the trading farm produces, or even participating in a dance party on the beach. You can play solo or form a Pioneer group of 6 people to participate in these super-adventurous adventures. In addition, there are countless other hot events by season and leaderboard. That means you will always have fun activities to join your friends.

Customize your character

download pocket pioneers apk

Pocket Pioneers offers many different types of characters for players to choose from. They can choose their gender, hairstyle, hair color, pants, tops, accessories, and more. So gamers can easily create a unique character with a personal style. Will you impress your character creation in the large community of Pocket Pioneers? Many other characters belonging to the inhabitants of the town have super personality looks. Do not hesitate to interact with them to create relationships and learn from their experiences. This is a healthy open world, so free your mind.

Cute graphics

From the first time, I was moved by the images of the characters and the setting of Pocket Pioneers. They are not only cartoon-style anthropomorphic characters but also lots of adorable animals. They make me feel like I’m living in a perfect world with the harmony of all species in the world. Moreover, the game context is also very bright, consistent with the content that the game brings. It exudes charm and peace that fascinates people. I just wish I could live there forever.

How to install Pocket Pioneers

Step 1: Download Pocket Pioneers (Original APK) version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on the Android device.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: Wait for 100% completion.

Download Pocket Pioneers APK for Android

Discover a new life in the vibrant and fun world of Pocket Pioneers. Super gripping real-time adventures that will keep you hooked for hours. The quests and challenges will not be difficult for you, but they will bring a lot of fun. Everyone is a part of the Pocket Pioneers world, and together they build a healthy community. This will be the destination of many other players, and the endless adventures will be more and more diverse. Wish you have a great life with Pocket Pioneers.

MOD Features:

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