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Update OnApril 11, 2022
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Join Time Of The Dead and decide the fate of the characters in the mysterious zombie story. The plot of the story is led naturally but easily makes you curious. Male characters with great looks and unique personalities and stories will be things for you to discover. What will the ending be? It all depends on your choices.

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Introduce about Time Of The Dead

Time Of The Dead – Otome story game for mobile

If you love story games, you definitely shouldn’t miss Time Of The Dead. It is an attractive game with a thrilling story plot and extremely hot male characters. It can be said that the story and the graphics are the two factors that make this game stand out. Although recently launched by the publisher StoryTaco.inc, it quickly won the hearts of a large number of young fans.

download play time of the dead mod apk

Time Of The Dead carries a lot of expectations from players after the success of a series of predecessor games from StoryTaco.inc. Although it retains the familiar interactive story gameplay, it can be impressed by many new things. Most gamers look to this game for new inspiration, not only in a new story but also in new images. And Time Of The Dead really does not disappoint when converging all the most attractive elements of a story game. So if this is your favorite genre, it is the best choice at the moment.

Experience the feeling of survival in a new way

You’re probably no stranger to stories about zombies, right? This theme is explored a lot in action survival games, adventure, simulation, and more. But have you ever thought to experience it in an interactive story game? Yes, Time Of The Dead will give you that new feeling.

The game is set in the kingdom of Joseon during the zombies epidemic. The dead wake up in a terrifying form and thirst for blood. Everyone in the kingdom begins to panic because of the appearance of a new creature that threatens life and peace. But some people think they can handle them. Based on this context, the game will put you in a rather difficult situation. Thereby, it wants players to reveal their personality and intelligence in solving situations. So what will you do?

Choose your character and decide their fate

Currently, Time Of The Dead brings 4 characters, including Yeob, Ryu, Gyeom, and Bok. Each character will give you a different feeling because they are built with their own appearance and personality. Yeob is the most popular character among the above 4 characters. He is a warm-hearted gypsy but has sad memories of the past. Meanwhile, Bok has the opposite personality of Yeob, he is a smart, lively, and cute boy. In addition, Gyeom is a kind scholar and Ryu is a talented and reliable leader.

At the beginning of the game, gamers will choose one of 4 male characters and explore the story under that character’s name. There will be other characters who play an important role to guide the story from beginning to end. It is usually a beautiful female character and has a special relationship with the male protagonist. So, what happens will revolve around the love story of the couple and the context of the zombies pandemic. Sometimes, the player must make a decision to choose between love, life, and more.

Multiple endings

As the main character in the story, the player will make a decision to choose an ending for him. However, decision-making is not easy because there are constraints from many relationships. Therefore, players need to think carefully before every question to see the results they want for the character. Through selection, players will interact with other characters and develop relationships the way they want. They can create sweet, romantic, or tragic love stories. That depends on each person.

Stunning graphics

Story games from the publisher StoryTaco.inc always make players admire the art of visual design. And Time Of The Dead is no exception. The characters in the game show up clearly and boldly in the manga. They remind players of the heroic knights of feudal times.

Because of the cool design and gorgeous costumes, the boys of the game will make many women excited. In addition to the looks, the characters are also integrated with well-invested dialogues. The sound in the game is sometimes gentle, sometimes dramatic depending on the context of the story. In addition, the game context is also quite diverse and unique, contributing significantly to the construction of the classic plot.

How to install Time Of The Dead

Step 1: Download the Time Of The Dead (APK or MOD) version released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, unlock unknown settings. Allow the game “Time Of The Dead” to access settings on mobile.

Step 3: Open the Time Of The Dead_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file. Click install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the main screen.

Download Time Of The Dead MOD APK for Android

After the hit story game series, Time Of The Dead will be the perfect successor in StoryTaco.inc’s collection. This game is free to download and play on mobile devices with medium configuration or higher. Therefore, there seems to be no barrier for you to enjoy it to the fullest. Choose your character and interact with other characters in the game. Do not hesitate to make your choice to decide the ending for the character. Many surprises are waiting for you to discover.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Choices

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