Paradise Lost: Otome Game 1.0.28 APK + MOD [Diamonds/Hints/Tickets] Download

Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Update OnApril 25, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds/Hints/Tickets
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Paradise Lost: Otome Game MOD APK is a visual novel game with a deep plot and beautiful anime visuals. You will be immersed in a love story that is both sweet and mysterious, meet many beautiful boys and girls, and uncover their secrets. Just tap to choose your thoughts, and then you’ll see what’s next.

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Introduce about Paradise Lost: Otome Game

Paradise Lost: Otome Game – An emotional adventure in a mysterious paradise

Want to immerse yourself in a romantic love story? Are you a lover of dating simulation games with interactive storylines? Paradise Lost: Otome Game is a great stopover for you. It is a complete game with familiar visual novel gameplay. It creates a fantasy story and places the player in the role of its protagonist. There, gamers can both explore the available plot and choose to change the plot. But the special feature here is that gamers can enjoy beautiful images. The characters are carefully built in terms of appearance, dialogue, and their own plot.

Paradise Lost: Otome Game

Who loves the interactive Otome genre with anime visual style can’t miss this game. Immerse yourself in the complete fantasy story and discover the personalities of attractive boys and girls. The game is available and free at Modded-1 with the MOD APK file. So if you want to play the game now, just one click.

Join the story for you

The story built-in Paradise Lost: Otome Game is for you. A beautiful girl prepares for a dream adventure at sea. But a terrible storm engulfed her boat and pushed her to the shore of a mysterious island. Fortunately, she survived, but now, she wakes up in a strange place and remembers nothing. Yes, that girl is you. You open your eyes and see the beautiful sky, and at the same time hear someone calling. In front of you now are 6 beautiful strange faces. Who are they?

From this moment, the player officially enters the life of the character. A mysterious adventure has begun with many questions and secrets that have never been revealed. On a strange island with strange people, what will gamers do to return to the original place and restore memories? They are forced to lead the character through many different adventures and in the process, naive feelings arise and grow increasingly passionate. Characters with different personalities and have feelings for you. Who will you choose? And what secrets do they have? Let’s start exploring them all.

Many characters with unique personalities and looks

The game starts with an innocent and sweet girl image. But besides her, the game has 6 other supporting characters with charming looks and their own stories. First, we have to mention Levi, an arrogant and aggressive guy with a cool appearance and many mysteries. Next, Lucas is a calm and kind guy, standing out with long white hair and a super cool suit. And then, Bryan is the easiest type to get along with dedication and encouragement. Meanwhile, Kai is a shy, gentle young man but has many feelings of his own. In addition, the game also features two more female characters, including Gigi, a hot and cold girl inside, and Jacqueline, a caring and mysterious person.

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Each person has a personality, but all have their own secrets. Whether they are willing to share with you or not is up to you. Gamers will make choices to increase the level of intimacy between the characters. But depending on the personality of each person, your behavior with them is also different. Thanks to that, the game is very realistic, multi-dimensional, and has depth, making gamers feel like they are immersed in a real story.

Develop emotions and expand existing storylines

In the journey to discover the story and the characters, strange emotional things arise. Don’t hide your feelings from anyone because love is unpredictable. Would you fall in love with a calm or hot-tempered guy, with a mysterious or sweet girl? Everything happened very naturally, from the cold, alien to the intimate and sweet. It was an inevitable development that was already built into Paradise Lost: Otome Game. But it can change depending on your decisions.

Beautiful illustrations

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We really love the beauty of this game. It builds an anime-style character image with a thorough investment in appearance, costumes, and dialogue. Each person exudes their own aura, shows their inner personality, and has flexible changes in expression and action. The game scene is also very diverse, and the sound is quite great with the soft, catchy background music.

Steps to install Paradise Lost: Otome Game

Step 1: Search for Paradise Lost: Otome Game at Modded-1.com and click “Download” at the end of the article to download the APK or MOD version to your device.

Step 2: After downloading, click select the file, select Install to start the installation.

Step 3: After installation is complete, the game will be ready to play at any time on your phone.

Download Paradise Lost: Otome Game MOD APK for Android

A paradise full of sweetness and mystery is waiting for you to discover in Paradise Lost: Otome Game. Where will the love stories go and can the secrets be unraveled? Make your decisions and change the plot of the story. Discover strange characters with many contrasting personalities and become an important part of their lives. Let’s start that now.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Hints
  • Unlimited Tickets


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Katia F.Neves
Katia F.Neves

Mod this Game, loved it, thanks for your Hard Work, and for the many Otomes Game Mods and for this Game!.

Katia F.Neves
Katia F.Neves

Hello! Modded-1! I would love for you to Modify, if possible, this Game (Love 365: Find Your Story) with Unlimited Coins, Hearts and Diamonds, which may be possible in the Game! Thanks.