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Join Ooga Ooga!: Tribe Simulator APK and become the leader of the tribe in the stone age. You need to direct your people to mine, hunt, build, craft, and form a powerful community. Everything is not available to use, so get ready for adventures and hunts.

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Introduce about Ooga Ooga!: Tribe Simulator

Ooga Ooga!: Tribe Simulator – Gameplay that simulates the stone age

Ooga Ooga!:Tribe Simulator

Have you ever thought about what stone age life would be like? It’s available in Ooga Ooga!: Tribe Simulator for you to explore right on your phone. The Stone Age is far from what is happening in reality. But it is very easy to reach because you just need to click on the screen to play. The game not only impresses with new gameplay but also with a creative graphic style. The rough brushstrokes and black and white font will help simulate the world in a fun way. Join the game to discover all its contents. And get ready with a clever strategy to survive in the most remote period of mankind.

Mining, crafting, and building

In the Stone Age, all resources were available in nature. But they need to be properly exploited to become useful materials and tools. Therefore, mining becomes an important part of life. Gamers need to allocate populations to many different lands to exploit forests, rocks, find food, and other loot. They need food to survive and tools like axes, hammers, swords, and knives to build and fight. Moreover, a safe haven is something that you always focus on during the game progress.

The construction process takes place throughout the gamer’s experience. They need to recruit new residents constantly to take on different tasks. Some residents will be suitable for the job of building houses, some will take care of transporting materials, shopping, making fires, mining, hunting animals, and more. Each area will need different types of inhabitants. Therefore, gamers need to know how to effectively manage resources to speed up the construction process. If you want to recruit more residents, go to the “Recruiting Station”. But you need to have enough money to do it.

Hunt and explore new lands

Hunting takes place regularly in Ooga Ooga!: Tribe Simulator. Simply because you need meat to live and ensure the satiety for your inhabitants. Therefore, as a leader, the gamer needs to send real warriors to hunt. Initially, the hunt might be a battle with chickens, ducks, or other insects. But later on, it can be a real campaign when you have to confront wild boars, lions, elephants, bears, and even dinosaurs. At that time, you need one or more powerful warriors to compete.

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These hunts also lead gamers to many places. Each hunting level is an exciting adventure where your inhabitants will find new resources. Moreover, each location will have mysteries to uncover. Take your time to adventure, hunt, and find great loot. From forests to valleys, caves, and more, every mystery is waiting for you to discover.

Upgrade your dwellers

The game offers many different types of inhabitants, suitable for specific tasks. But any resident needs to be upgraded from level 1 to 100 and beyond. Upon reaching a new level, the player will improve the resident’s stats, such as Power, HP, Action, Movement, Action SPD, and Detect Range. At that time, they will become stronger to bring better loot after hunting or mining trips. One day your tribe may even be stronger than the mammoth. It is not impossible.

Fun and creative design

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The game will impress you with its fresh and creative design style. It simulates the inhabitants and the world of the Stone Age with basic, rudimentary but delicate lines. It creates fun images, bringing the necessary intimacy for all players. The game background with black and white background and some striking colors will attract your eyes. Moreover, the playful music also contributes to the inspiration to play for a long time.

How to install Ooga Ooga!: Tribe Simulator

Step 1: Check and uninstall Ooga Ooga!: Tribe Simulator if you ever downloaded it on your phone.

Step 2: Re-download the game’s MOD APK file at Modded-1.com via the link in this article.

Step 3: Click Install to install the downloaded file.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete and you can play it right after.

Download Ooga Ooga!: Tribe Simulator APK for Android

Don’t hesitate to miss Ooga Ooga!: Tribe Simulator and an exciting journey in the stone age. It is a place to show your survival skills as the tribe leader. Direct your inhabitants wisely to complete fun quests from mining, building, trading to hunting, and more. Do not hesitate to go on adventures to many new locations in search of new resources. Moreover, you need to upgrade your inhabitants to see what they can do for the growth of the tribe.

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