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AlexPlay LLC
Update OnJanuary 13, 2023
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Nightmares MOD APK is a simulation game that looks like a cartoon but brings a gloomy background along with scary sounds. Your mission is to send terrors to people while they fall asleep. Are you strong enough to rule the world? Join this game to understand better.

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Introduce about Nightmares

Nightmares – Become the Night King and spread nightmares to everyone

Have you ever thought about your sleep being dominated by a certain force? Join Nightmares to better understand the dream manipulation process of becoming the Night King. He is known as an entity possessing the ability to control the dreams of people all over the world. As night falls, the Night King becomes even more powerful through the many available powers.

Nightmares: Creepy Insomnia

Your mission in this game is to spread terror to as many people as possible to collect their fear and become stronger. Moreover, publisher AlexPlay LLC knows how to make things more interesting by providing a dark atmosphere along with design lines that are somewhat horror. You should try downloading this game through Google Play or at the APK link below to discover more.

Nightmare rules the world

Become the villain in this game by dominating the world with the ability to create nightmares for people. As the Night King, your only mission is to create chains of nightmares for people all over the world. Your power increases as people become more and more afraid.

When the world goes to sleep, it’s time to wake up to show your work. You will get the fear of the people and continuously expand your place of activity. Besides, the control method in this game is extremely simple with the available idle mechanism. More specifically, players just need to constantly touch the screen to send nightmares to every house. Although it seems simple, you will quickly feel the joy of playing this game.

Upgrade your power

The nightmares you create will become weaker and weaker as people find ways to sleep better. Humans are constantly developing and creating effective tools to combat nightmares. Therefore, this game requires players to upgrade the Night King’s power regularly to create more terrifying nightmares.

You will use the rewards you collect to unlock new weapons or more powerful skills. There are many pieces of equipment waiting for you to own in this game. Using them properly will create endless nightmares for people. Pink horses or beautiful moments will not appear in dreams anymore. Instead, the atmosphere of mystery and monsters will instill fear in everyone.

The help of the monsters

There are many monsters waiting for you in this game with the goal of making dreams an instant nightmare. You will in turn unlock new monsters with stronger dream-dominant abilities over time. Moreover, players are also provided with certain skills that appear below the experience screen. Just by touching these skills, different phenomena will take place. Most of the skills will help players quickly complete their goals at each level.

Explore various cities and locations

After completing the assigned goal, the player will be taken to a new location to instill fear in the people. This game offers a lot of different cities and locations waiting for you to explore. As time goes on, people’s ability to reach their dreams will become more difficult, so you need to possess a strength that surpasses their defense. Besides, this game allows players to play anywhere without an internet connection.

Graphics with dark colors

As a game inspired by nightmares, Nightmares is designed with the usual dark colors. Players will quickly feel the thrill as well as how it is relatively intuitive on the screen. In some levels, you only see contrasting black and white colors with the fear of the surrounding characters. In addition, the sound is also very well represented with gentle but equally scary music.

How to install Nightmares

Step 1: You need to download the APK version of this game at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your Android phone, allow the Nightmares MOD APK to access unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the Nightmares file: Creepy Insomnia__MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Click install.

Step 4: Open the game through the available icon and experience it your way.

Download Nightmares MOD APK for Android

Nightmares has a beautiful 2D graphic background with a dark and scary theme by taking dark tones as the main theme. This game will give you the journey of a true Night King trying to make the whole world have as many nightmares as possible. All create a terrible nightmare that is not just a small nightmare anymore. Are you ready to dominate them all in this game?

Features MOD:

  • Currency Multiplier (When Destroying House)
  • No Ads Purchased (IAP)
  • Golden Moon Staff Purchased (IAP)
  • Staff Devastator Purchased (IAP)
  • x2 Damage Always On


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