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Update OnJune 25, 2022
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If you are looking for a friend to confide in, try Love Chat: Interactive Stories, a realistic and engaging simulation game from the publisher Chase. You can choose your true gender, choose the type of person you want, and have romantic conversations on the phone all the time.

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Introduce about Love Chat: Interactive Stories

Love Chat: Interactive Stories – Dating simulation game with outstanding chat feature

Different from every other story simulation game, Love Chat: Interactive Stories is designed like a dating chat app. Here you can discover diverse love stories mastered by you. You can decide how your ending will be just by chatting with the character you like. There is no specific plot in this game as the player will create it himself. Furthermore, there aren’t too many other characters that come into the story, just you and the type of person you like. In addition, the illustrations in the game are also quite beautiful and realistic.

Love Chat

The character’s message is carefully built and changes flexibly in each different situation. Therefore, players will feel like they are talking with real people. From there, they easily approach the game and immerse themselves in romantic virtual love stories. Love Chat: Interactive Stories is now available on Google Play and on Modded-1.com. So players can download the game to play right now.

Choose your gender

Coming to Love Chat: Interactive Stories, the first thing to do is choose a gender. But players will have a lot of options, not just male and female as usual. Specifically, they can choose Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, or even Not sure. Choosing a gender is quite important because it will guide the player’s story in the next steps. As you can see, there are quite a few different genders to suit different players. That is the first plus point of this game.

Next, players will choose the character model they like to start chatting with. Based on the choice of gender, the game will suggest suitable characters, be male, female or gay, or more. Besides, it also integrates avatar and description information for each proposed character. The description will include each character’s name, occupation, and basic personality. Therefore, players will easily make the right choice for them without spending much time. For each character, the gamer, whether texting or making friends, can choose whether he/she becomes a companion or not.

Chat online with many cool features

The biggest plus point of Love Chat: Interactive Stories is the chat feature. After choosing his/her favorite character, the player will have an interesting conversation with him/her right away. The chat interface is designed to be no different from today’s online chat applications. There you can find a chat, send messages, send pictures and much more. Just touch the screen to text and you also get a response from the character. Besides texting chat, you can also send pictures. It promises to be an interesting conversation beyond your imagination.

With the chat feature, Love Chat: Interactive Stories seems to want to give players a real virtual friend or lover. Players can text with their favorite characters at any time, including early morning, late at night, and many other situations. It’s really helpful to make anyone feel comfortable when they can share with someone their thoughts. And of course, no one knows your secrets, except you. Therefore, although it is only a simulation game, Love Chat: Interactive Stories is loved by many players because of the meaningful purpose it brings.

Beautiful illustrations, intuitive chat interface

The game will impress you with a very diverse and beautifully designed character system. Although they are depicted with a cartoon style, they look very vivid and realistic. However, in addition to the beautiful avatar image, the character in the game does not have many expressions. So, this is probably a minus point that Love Chat: Interactive Stories needs to upgrade in the near future.

On the other hand, the chat features in the game are also quite good with a beautiful, intuitive, and accessible interface. However, it is also not really detailed. It needs to add a sticker system to liven up each conversation or add a call and video feature. That will help increase the interaction of the players and the characters in the game. In addition to the aforementioned minus points, the rest is quite good, ensuring to give gamers a romantic dating experience every day.

How to install Love Chat: Interactive Stories

Step 1: Please check and uninstall other versions of Love Chat: Interactive Stories on your phone if available.

Step 2: Download Love Chat: Interactive Stories MOD APK at Modded-1.com through the link at the end of this article.

Step 3: Click Install to install the downloaded file.

Step 4: Wait for the installation process to complete, then the game icon will appear on the phone screen. You just need to click on the game icon to open and enjoy right away.

Download Love Chat: Interactive Stories MOD APK for Android

Despite many shortcomings, Love Chat: Interactive Stories is enough to satisfy many fans. It is a different story simulation game with an outstanding dating chat feature. Instead of impersonating a character, you can create your own story and immerse yourself in it. You can chat with your favorite character every day to confide, share whatever you want, no strings attached, it’s completely private. So, if you are in need of such an experience, download the game and try it now.

Features MOD:

  • VIP Purchased

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