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Update OnNovember 24, 2021
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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LEGO Tower MOD APK is a construction simulation game inspired by legendary lego gameplay. Collect colorful lego pieces to build a tall building or even a city. Satisfy your inhabitants and they can work hard to make a profit. Are you ready to become a construction manager and wealthy businessman?

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Introduce about LEGO Tower

LEGO Tower – Simple but addictive simulation game

If you are a lego assembling enthusiast, definitely can’t miss LEGO Tower, a game from publisher NimbleBit LLC. It is a fun and simple simulation game but easily draws you in from the first experience. Why? Because it offers super fun and creative building gameplay where you can immerse yourself in the legendary lego world. But it’s not just construction, you can also play as a businessman with the job of running a building and making money from trading. The images in the game are designed very carefully, highlighting the funny and lovely beauty of the lego characters. Besides, there will be a series of unique lego pieces to collect and unlock new constructions.

LEGO Tower

With the above great things, it is not too difficult to understand that LEGO Tower has reached more than 10 million installs on Google Play. It pleases a wide range of gamers from kids to adults with fun gameplay and friendly graphics. How about you?

Unlock your building and customize it to your liking

LEGO Tower is the place to fulfill your passion for building lego. Initially, the player can create an avatar by selecting and assembling lego pieces such as head, hair, torso, legs, etc. Then, choose to unlock a building with 2 floors and start customizing it. Touch the screen to assemble the puzzle pieces and build the first floor of the building. But before that, decide if you want it to be a restaurant, gym, cafe, or museum,…

That’s not all. Players will in turn unlock new floors and continue to build them for their own purposes. You can manage a building with many forms of business from restaurants and services to sightseeing and tourism. Then, you can attract more residents to live and work. Players can think of hiring new residents to become employees for restaurants. But keep them happy and busy all day to earn a lot of gold from trading.

Infinite upgrade possibilities

The interesting thing about LEGO Tower is that players can expand and upgrade their buildings as they like. By collecting lego pieces, they can build anything from basic objects to a building and even more. In addition, they can also receive many unique pieces to decorate the character, making them more attractive. The appearance of the characters and buildings is different depending on how you assemble. So you can create your own signature lego world.

Starting from the 1st floor but players can expand the building to 10 floors, 20 floors, and even 50 floors or more. Each floor is like a different world, serving the different needs of residents in the city. They can go to a restaurant, a tea house, then exercise at a gym, boxing, or visit the library, museum of antiques. The world of lego will be as big as it is your image and hard work.

Unlock mysterious vehicles and characters

Attention, LEGO Tower offers a super unique vehicle system for you to explore. Use the money you collect from your business to unlock new supercars from cars to trucks and more. Players can use them to decorate or transport food, goods. This is a way to popularize your reputation in the lego world. Besides, many unique characters are also available to unlock and own.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to visit your house or trade items with them. Connecting with friends online will make playing LEGO Tower more fun.

Friendly and playful graphics

The game background is very bright and the images with lego style are quite impressive. Therefore, the game creates a friendly feeling for all players from young to old. The movements and expressions of the characters are also well described, bringing everything to life. An epic and realistic lego world will delight you for hours of entertainment.

How to install LEGO Tower

Step 1: Download LEGO Tower MOD APK at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Allow unknown installation of the downloaded file by going to “settings” -> “advanced” and selecting “unknown source”.

Step 3: Open the LEGO Tower_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file that you downloaded from MODDED-1. Then click “install”.

Step 4: Open the game and enjoy it on your Android device.

New update in LEGO Tower

Version 1.26.0

  • New Winter content!

Download LEGO Tower MOD APK for Android

Create your own world with colorful LEGO Tower pieces, are you ready? Try to collect as many lego pieces as possible to create many buildings with many genres from restaurants, entertainment, services, tourism. You can become a profit tycoon if you know how to attract people to migrate to live and work. Getting rich is not too difficult, but work hard to expand your business building to the 50th floor or more.

Features MOD:

  • Free Shopping
  • Unlock LEGO Club Membership


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