Idleville: idle incremental 5.12.0 APK + MOD [Menu/Money Gain] Download

Frekken Games
Update OnJuly 4, 2022
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 10
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Idleville: idle incremental MOD APK is an idle construction simulation game. You can build your dream kingdoms floating in the air, upgrade and unlock many buildings with unique architecture. Just click to play and admire the poetic beauty of your achievement.

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Introduce about Idleville: idle incremental

Idleville: idle incremental – Simple idle simulation gameplay


Talking about the tycoon game genre, you are probably no stranger to it. On the current mobile game market, there are hundreds of favorite idle tycoon games. However, we want to talk about Idleville: idle incremental, a new name from publisher Frekken Games. It is a simple yet engaging experience for you to play anytime, anywhere. Simple simulation gameplay, idle game operation, and beautiful graphics. That’s what you find here. Enjoy it your way and build beautiful kingdoms in different styles. You will find romantic beauty and dozens of unique items there.

Build a kingdom from nothing

Get ready to be the most powerful person to create everything in this world. The familiar world has been destroyed and humanity’s last civilization needs to be maintained from the ruins. With no room left for redevelopment, the chosen will have to rebuild their kingdoms on islands floating in the sky. You are one of them, so show your talent to turn the barren island into a prosperous kingdom. From there, it helps to restore civilization, forming a new living place with dozens of unique classical works.

But don’t worry too much about your great mission, gamers just need to click to play. Click to unlock buildings and place them on the island. Click to upgrade them to be solid and able to produce lots of treasure. This is an idle building experience but has a rich content store. The longer you play, the more new buildings to discover. Until you fill the island with your favorite constructions, you can continue to adventure to many new islands. There, continue to lay the foundations for a new civilization. Click to build, click to upgrade, and own precious treasures.

Unique support items

To accelerate construction progress, gamers can unlock items available in Idleville: idle incremental. There are many types of boosters and great items to shorten the process, speed up the progress. Besides, the game also has other items that help increase the money accumulated from the constructions. Thanks to that, gamers can play more easily to unlock more soon. They can unlock new buildings only if they have enough levels and enough money. But if you want to reach the level, there is no other way but to upgrade and meet the required progress.

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Don’t miss these awesome items to set a new building record. The game also has a leaderboard to evaluate bidders from around the world. So you can compete with thousands of other players and show off your talent. Although it just clicks to play, you also need a strategy to get good results. Every gamer needs to know what he’s going to do, expand or upgrade. Moreover, they also need to think about what items to use that will optimize efficiency and cost.

Various maps

There will be more maps to explore in Idleville: idle incremental. Players can unlock them all when they reach the required level. Each map will have its own characteristics, with unique buildings available. Therefore, when opening a new map, gamers will have new buildings and new items. It will bring different types of cultures and civilizations, from classical to modern. Thanks to that, the construction process is always inspiring, making you want to play forever.

Colorful and realistic graphics

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Idleville: idle incremental is invested quite well in terms of graphics and sound. It owns a 2D graphics platform with creative designs. The buildings, maps, items are very unique, colorful, making anyone look at them. The effects are also great, making every touch come to life. In addition, in terms of sound, the game will help gamers relax with soothing background music. Thanks to that, the game is not only good but also beautiful and attractive, very suitable for relaxation to relieve stress.

How to install Idleville: idle incremental

Step 1: Please check and uninstall Idleville: idle incremental if available on your phone.

Step 2: Download the MOD APK version of Idleville: idle incremental at Modded-1.com via the “Download” link at the end of this article. Please wait a few seconds for the download to complete.

Step 3: Open the settings on your phone and enable unknown sources to allow the installation of the downloaded MOD APK file.

Step 4: Click open the file and select Install. The installation will take about 1 minute.

Step 5: Installation is finished, Idleville: idle incremental will be ready to play anytime on your phone. Just click on the game icon to open and play right away.

Download Idleville: idle incremental MOD APK for Android

Idleville: idle incremental will be the choice to entertain you all the time. You will enjoy the idle yet addictive gameplay, express your creativity in building, designing, and upgrading kingdoms. It has many buildings to unlock, many boosters to support, and many maps with different characteristics. Explore it all on your phone and remember, just click to play.

Features MOD:

  • Money Gain


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