Idle Island Tycoon MOD APK 2.8.1 [Unlimited Materials/Diamonds] Download

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Update OnAugust 20, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Materials/Diamonds
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Idle Island Tycoon MOD APK is a survival simulation game with lovely design and relaxing music. Here, you will be the manager of the last group of survivors on earth after the historic flood event caused by global warming. Your mission is to rebuild the new world to establish a new life on the deserted island.

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Introduce about Idle Island Tycoon

Idle Island Tycoon – Build a new life on a deserted island

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If you are looking for an island-building simulator, Idle Island Tycoon is for you. The game takes place after the end of the world due to global warming. Now, people are trying to survive on a few small islands left after the great flood. You are one of the survivors left here. Now is the time to learn how to survive with the few resources available. Show your talent in resource management, construction, mining, trade, and adventure. The game is completely free to download on your phone.

Mine and build

Surviving a natural disaster, gamers need to rebuild everything from scratch. They need to start by exploiting the resources available on the island such as wood, stone, metal, food, water, and more. The materials are needed to build shelters, bridges, roads, boats, and other important structures. In it, there are three types of houses including food houses, adventurers, and special buildings. Each building has its own function to help the group of survivors on the island. Besides, gamers will need to upgrade buildings to meet the growing needs of residents. From an unspoiled island to a whole new empire, it’s every gamer’s goal.

Manage resident groups

To work effectively, gamers need to learn how to work like a manager. They need to know how to allocate different residents to tasks that correspond to their talents from mining to construction, trading, and more. Besides, they need to allocate groups of people into buildings with appropriate numbers. More people, more resources and food will be produced. But pay attention to the allocation of adventurers to explore new parts of the island. Every decision in the game affects your life.

Economic development to ensure a comfortable life

The economic factor is at the forefront in Idle Island Tycoon. Gamers need wise strategies to bring a new civilization to the island that is increasingly progressing over time with economic development. The most important thing in the economic strategy is to ensure the well-being of residents. Each resident will have 3 food levels, hungry, normal, and complete. Gamers need to provide food for hungry residents if they want them to work better. But in order to have more food, they will need to mine and produce more.

When the production is more than it needs, don’t waste it in stock. Use your resources to trade with wandering merchants and buy special island enhancements. Besides, players need to hire new researchers to improve mining speed. With better technology and tools, you will notice faster development on your island. Trading by boat took place regularly on the island. Don’t hesitate to have deals to promote economic development and everything else.

Travel and discover many new islands

When your civilization is too big, you need to leave your island in search of new things. The world of Idle Island Tycoon is bigger than you can imagine. It consists of many different islands and you can get there by boat. Each new island will bring new resources, new tools, and more unique things. The inhabitants of the island will need them to improve their lives, buildings, and the quality of civilization even more. With great development, your island will attract new survivors every day.

Friendly design, bright background

The game owns a beautiful and lovely 3D graphic style. It depicts the inhabitants with a funny cartoon appearance. Meanwhile, the island scene is always colorful, bright, and bustling with production, trading, tourism, and more. Besides, gamers can feel the gentle and relaxing melodies during the experience. Everything contributes to creating a peaceful experience that everyone wants to find.

How to install Idle Island Tycoon

Step 1: If you ever downloaded Idle Island Tycoon to your phone, please uninstall it first.

Step 2: Download Idle Island Tycoon MOD APK at Modded-1.com at the link in this article.

Step 3: Install the downloaded file and wait for a while to complete it.

Step 4: Click the game icon on the phone screen to open it and enjoy.

Download Idle Island Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Don’t hesitate to download Idle Island Tycoon to your phone and experience the lightest survival ever. You can manage your group of inhabitants to allocate them to jobs such as construction, mining, trading, manufacturing, and exploration. Countless new things will happen daily and you can feel the progress in every second. From an unspoiled island to modern civilization, are you ready to build it?

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Materials/Diamonds


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