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Update OnJanuary 17, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Love watching movies but don’t know about the process of making them? Try Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon now to challenge the most popular industry today, which is movie making. You can own studios, film projects from small to large, from inception to distribution of movies in the market. Are you ready?

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Introduce about Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon

Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon – Movie production management game on mobile

The tycoon game genre has long attracted a lot of gamers on mobile with realistic simulation gameplay. So at this time, we want to bring you a new name, which is Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon, a product from the publisher Codigames. Like every other tycoon game, this game will simulate the movie-making process, where you can write the script and edit the movie yourself. That’s great, isn’t it?

Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon

This game is now available and free on Google Play. But the MOD APK version of the game at MODDED-1 will be even better when it allows you to make movies in a snap. No need to wait minutes to hours to finish your favorite movie. You will speed up the movie-making process and reap huge profits when you have unlimited features for free here.

Become a talented film production manager

Join Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon, gamers will become the top filmmaker in the world. Let’s start by building a small studio to produce normal movies, then you can develop more studios to make more movies. You can be the richest movie production manager with dozens of products that are loved by a wide range of viewers. Film critics must also be amazed at the crazy and original ideas in your films. That is really cool.

The game offers many popular movie genres to choose from, such as Action, Drama, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Horror. Besides, gamers just need to come up with ideas for their movies. The game will automatically suggest logical themes from Western, Spy, Ghost, Vacation, to Military and Superheroes. Nothing will stop your idea from becoming a reality. But the idea is just the beginning, gamers will have a lot more to do, from hiring staff, casting actors to shoot, cutting, combining footage, and distributing movies. Are you patient enough to do everything?

You can’t do everything alone

Just like in real life, a movie production studio needs a lot of members involved. In Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon too. Gamers cannot complete everything alone because there will be many tasks to complete every day. Therefore, hire more employees and assign tasks reasonably to speed up the work. It can be a guy filming, a behind-the-scenes construction team, preparing tools, planning. However, gamers can manage everything, and directly participate in idea generation and film distribution.

download idle film maker empire tycoon apk

Monitor and monitor your team to make sure they’re working on schedule. Sometimes they need something for the filmmaking process and you need to fill all of that need quickly. Don’t forget to upgrade them to speed up the process, or you can also fire someone or hire someone more. In addition, gamers can plan the selection of actors. Initially, it might just be new actors, but later on, players can unlock more, even those famous actors.

Expand your scale across the city

Don’t stop before you actually achieve your goal in Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon. Typically, you can scale your influence by building new studios. In addition, players also need to consider human resource adjustments, such as adding staff to take care of new studios when they are completed. In addition, players can expand the movie distribution market to improve their reputation. Not just a small area but the whole city and all over the world.

Detailed and friendly cartoon graphics

download idle film maker empire tycoon mod

The images in the game are designed in a cartoon style, combining 2D and 3D backgrounds. Thanks to that, everything shows up in great detail in the 3rd person perspective from the top. The game context is also very unique with many different scenes, from inside the studio to the offices and the whole city. They appear with colorful beauty but are very harmonious to create a feeling of relaxation every time you play. In addition, the sound is also quite vibrant, inspiring gamers throughout the experience for hours.

How to install Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon

Step 1: You can download Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon (MOD or APK) for Android phones at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Enable unknown installation for the downloaded MOD APK file.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file (Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon_MOD_modded-1.com.apk) and install it.

Step 4: Open the game and play it now.

Download Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Are you ready to be the best filmmaker? Idle Film Maker Empire Tycoon has everything available for you to produce any movie according to your ideas. You can hire staff for filming, sound, and music, prepare props, build behind the scenes. Your job is to manage them and plan expansions for new studios and projects. This is the time to show your talent with a series of tasks that keep you busy every day.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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