Idle Blacksmith 0.14 APK + MOD [Free Upgrade/Gold] Download

Fumb Games
Update OnMay 23, 2022
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade/Gold
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 4.1
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 Idle Blacksmith

Idle Blacksmith MOD APK is an idle game with simple gameplay inspired by the work of a blacksmith. In the game, players will see a lot of different weapons on the screen, perform one-touch gestures to proceed to pair them together to optimize profits. First, let’s learn more about this game.

Note: There are many other idle games on the Modded-1.com website waiting for you to discover like Idle Frontier or Idle Cafe World.

Introduce about Idle Blacksmith

Idle Blacksmith – Merge weapons to become a master blacksmith

Blacksmithing is one of the professions that are gradually becoming forgotten these days. We don’t use too many items from the blacksmith anymore, instead, there are technology items available with beautiful and diverse designs. But in the past, the profession of the blacksmith was very popular, especially in the field of forging weapons to serve the war.

If you want to try to explore the work of a blacksmith with a simpler perspective, then Idle Blacksmith will be a suitable choice. Basically, this is a product developed in the idle style from the publisher Fumb Games. In the game, players will have the task of merging similar weapons to create newer weapons. It is quite similar to the traditional match-3 pairing element. But the change of weapons will make you feel more interesting. Try downloading the game through Google Play or the App Store to get a closer look at it.

Simple fusion gameplay

Like most other idle games on the market, Idle Blacksmith has relatively simple gameplay. Specifically, players will proceed to pair weapons together to form a weapon with higher attributes. Each weapon type will give the player a separate profit depending on their attributes. Therefore, the higher the level of the weapon, the higher the profit will be. So focus on constantly upgrading the weapon. In addition, there will not be too many other operations appearing in this game, you simply touch the screen to interact with everything.

Gold coin optimization

Idle Blacksmith requires players to optimize their gold coins to be able to own better weapons. The profit range of weapons will increase continuously for a certain time. So the more weapons you own, the more gold will increase.

In the beginning, you should actively make upgrades or unlock new weapon slots to maximize profits. Gradually, passive money will increase to help players easily unlock new weapons. Of course, you need to experience the game long enough to unlock all of the content in the game.

Lots of new weapons

As mentioned, Idle Blacksmith allows players to merge weapons together to form weapons with higher properties. Therefore, the number of weapons available in the game is also very diverse and continuously added to give players the best experience. Each type of weapon has different shapes and stats. So you can easily choose according to your needs. Remember that these weapons only serve as an economic profit and will not have any combat value for you. Of course, the profit from weapons will also increase continuously even if you are not logged into the game.

Unlock achievements and daily rewards

Besides simple gameplay, Idle Blacksmith also brings a lot of new missions every day for players to freely explore. More specifically, every time you log into the game, you will receive a new task and try to complete it to receive a reward. Of course, the higher the difficulty of the task, the more valuable the reward you will receive. In addition, many different achievements are waiting for you to unlock in this game to increase the fun of the experience.

Good graphics, lots of details

Compared to other idle games on the market, Idle Blacksmith has superiority in terms of graphics. This game possesses beautiful image quality with simple details and is intuitive right on the mobile screen. Most of the details in the game are creative in terms of visuals, especially the weapons. Moreover, the transition effect in the game also gives players a feeling of lightness, stable operation on most mobile devices today.

How to install Idle Blacksmith

Step 1: Make sure your device does not have a version of Idle Blacksmith downloaded from the App Store or Google Play (if available).

Step 2: You can download Idle Blacksmith (APK or MOD) at Modded-1.com.

Step 3: Open the APK file “Idle Blacksmith_MOD_modded-1.com.apk”. Click Install and wait until the process is complete.

Step 4: Once done, you can open Idle Blacksmith and enjoy all the cool features it has to offer with ease.

Download Idle Blacksmith MOD APK for Android

Join Idle Blacksmith to become a talented weapons blacksmith with available quests. You don’t need to do too much when playing the game, it’s all done through a few simple one-touch operations. If you are looking for an idle game that can help you relax and experience, you should not miss the appearance of this game.

Features MOD:

  • Free Upgrade
  • Increase Gold
  • No Ads


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