High School Girl Life 3D MOD APK 2.0.1 [Unlimited Money] Download

High School Game
Category Simulation Game
Latest Version2.0.1
RequiresAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Package google play
Update OnSeptember 17, 2021

Play Anime High School Girl Life 3D to go back to high school with loads of fun activities. Stories revolving around friendships, teachers, and love will immerse you in a vast virtual world. So how do you deal with those relationships? Let’s explore it with us to get the answer now.

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Introduce about Anime High School Girl Life 3D

Anime High School Girl Life 3D – Educational game for every gamer

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Anime High School Girl Life 3D is the debut product of the publisher High School Game. Currently, it is available on Google Play and has attracted more than 1 million installs. It is impressed by the vivid simulation gameplay that combines the virtual world and interactive elements. Besides, the game also owns a beautiful 3D anime graphics platform and a diverse character system. Everything is perfect for providing a rich experience, suitable for all types of players.

Become a high school girl

Join the game, players will become a girl and start a new life at a modern high school. After preparing breakfast, costumes, and makeup, your character is ready to enter the fun school environment at the beginning of the week. Here, there are countless other characters with unique looks and personalities. They will be the companions of players throughout the experience and create exciting stories like never before.

As a schoolgirl, players need to participate in classes, tests, and many outdoor activities. But there is no framework here and you can do what you like. Some of your first friends at school will guide you to class. After that, the whole class will take a test at the beginning of the year. Don’t worry, players can peek into other people’s cards. But pay attention to the eyes of the teacher on the podium to avoid punishment.

Loads of fun activities

download high school girl life 3d mod apk

Outside of school, players will join other students to play sports. There are countless sports like basketball, football, badminton, karate, swimming, and even dance. Practice them regularly and participate in competitions organized by the school. Winning at these competitions will make you impressive in the eyes of everyone. From there, you can make many new friends, both male and female.

Stories and relationships

Compared to other school simulator games, Anime High School Girl Life 3D focuses more on relationships that happen at school. Players can interact directly with many other students and resolve conflicts. From there, a series of stories unfold from the player’s choices and actions. It can be funny, funny, cunning, or even violent. The game did not hesitate to mention the problem of school violence. Therefore, it offers an authentic experience that you can hardly find in other games.

Besides, the relationships in the game will happen naturally. It could be friendship or even pure love. You can socialize with a male student and have a romantic date in the schoolyard. But you can’t avoid conflicts in love, so deal with it your way. Prepare yourself for high school life to come alive in Anime High School Girl Life 3D.

Endless Adventure

download high school girl life 3d apk

Anime High School Girl Life 3D offers a large school setting to explore and adventure. Players can experience in many different contexts from classrooms, school grounds, sports fields, swimming pools, etc. Each place will be suitable for different activities to join with friends and teachers. In particular, the game environment is designed very realistically to vividly describe the dream school space. Besides, the game also offers an open space to interact online with many other gamers. It is great to diversify your experience.

Super nice 3D graphics

Besides rich content, Anime High School Girl Life 3D is also impressed by the super cute cartoon graphic style. The characters in the game are designed in anime style but are quite neat in all aspects. From looks, costumes, expressions, and actions, all are lifelike. Besides, the color is very harmonious, the background is diversely inspired by Japanese culture. In addition, the dialogue is perfect, creating a realistic interaction between the characters in the game.

Attention, players only need to touch the screen to move. Or swipe, drag to perform actions such as playing sports, interacting with the environment and characters. In addition, players will join the game from a third-person perspective to observe the entire context easily. Therefore, it is quick to approach the game from the very beginning.

How to install High School Girl Life 3D

Step 1: You need to download the version (APK or MOD) of High School Girl Life 3D released at MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, allow the “High School Girl Life 3D” game to access unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the High School Girl Life 3D_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file. Select settings.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Anime High School Girl Life 3D MOD APK for Android

Do you love school simulator games? Anime High School Girl Life 3D is a choice not to be missed. It provides a realistic game environment for gamers to freely do everything and immerse themselves in fun activities. From there, it is up to you to decide the relationships between the characters and the outcome of the story. With a diverse game scene and beautiful anime graphics, the game will make you excited from the very beginning. So, join it now to enjoy the vibrant school life right on your phone.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money

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