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Update OnApril 5, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Do you want to leave the city to return to the countryside and be a hard-working farmer? This may seem like a tough decision in real life to everyone, but in Funky Bay it’s very easy. Come to farm paradise on a fun tropical island and immerse yourself in the most poetic moments. This is the time to entertain you.

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Introduce about Funky Bay

Funky Bay – The hit farm game

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Funky Bay is a product from the publisher BELKA GAMES, an expert in the production of simulation-style games on mobile. This game is the latest “baby” and has now reached more than 10 million installs on Google Play. It is considered a highlight of BELKA and gives this publisher a great stepping stone in its career. So what does this game have? It’s varied farm gameplay, lots of engaging stories, stunning graphics, and much more. To know more about it, please learn the following sections.

A great place to daydream

Coming to Funky Bay, players will be immersed in a dreamy world where only trees, animals, and the best things are there. It’s time to leave the stressful and market-filled life to return to nature and enjoy moments of gentle relaxation right on your phone. Players will have the opportunity to learn all about the work of a farmer, from growing crops, raising livestock to harvest, exporting food, and more. Besides the available areas, players can go to new areas to find resources and interact with other farmers. Look for opportunities to expand your area and create a good network in Funky Bay.

You also need to have a purpose

Although the game does not emphasize the achievement factor, the player should set a specific goal and strive to achieve it. This makes their experience more meaningful and motivates them to enter the game every day and check the results. If you dream of a large and affluent farm, you will have to work more than usual. Being a farmer is not easy because they are also busier than anyone.

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First, the player needs to choose some good areas for farming. There are different varieties of plants for players to choose from to suit their environment and needs. Typically wheat, sweet potatoes, flowers, fruit trees, etc. Take good care of them after planting and then you can get a good harvest. For agricultural products, players can think of building nearby factories to produce foods, such as butter, bread, cookies… This is usually more profitable, but Before that, players have to invest in factories, equipment, machines, and the necessary means of transportation.

Raise any livestock you like

Besides farming, players can also think of raising a few livestock such as dairy cows, ostriches, horses, chickens, pigs. They will bring some necessary agricultural products such as milk, meat, to eat or export. This is also a very profitable job but requires players to spend a lot of time taking care of it every day. Moreover, pay attention to the zoning for each type of pet. Different types of livestock will have different characteristics, and zoning or building separate enclosures will make it easier to manage.

Explore many new places

Although you are an industrious farmer, do not forget your passion for adventure. Use a boat or simply hike to the neighboring lands to discover something new. It could be new resources, unexpected treasures, and other friendly people. Players can take the time to learn about other characters’ stories, which is also a way to hear hints about the location of great treasures.

Also, don’t forget to visit the mini-game booth to participate in exciting games with valuable rewards. There will be many quests in each game so you can earn more money, items, or valuable hints.

Nice graphics

download funky bay mod money

Right from the moment you step into the game, you will surely be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery of Funky Bay. It is an image of trees, landscapes, animals, and friendly people on a background of bright colors. They create a feeling of closeness and indescribable peace, and at the same time create a sense of excitement about good things that are and are about to happen. Besides, the images are designed with lively cartoon style, not too realistic but not too childish. So it makes the game suitable for players of different ages. This is our favorite spot in Funky Bay. How about you?

How to install Funky Bay

Step 1: Download Funky Bay (APK or MOD) version exclusively developed from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on Android mobile devices. Allow the “Funky Bay” app to access your phone.

Step 3: Open the file Funky Bay_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Carry out the install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to complete the installation of Funky Bay.

Download Funky Bay MOD APK for Android

Funky Bay is the place for dreamy souls who are yearning for a peaceful and enjoyable life. If you are too, do not hesitate to try it now through the APK link below this article. Join the game to learn and learn the work of a farmer, from farming, breeding to production. All available in this game and on your phone. Do you want to try it?

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money

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