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Update OnFebruary 10, 2022
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Electrician Life Simulator MOD APK will help you discover the work of a craftsman in reality. Everyone knows that this job is very dangerous, if you do not have enough knowledge, you will be in danger during the work. Therefore, you should try to experience this game to equip yourself with a full amount of knowledge before starting to practice.

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Introduce about Electrician Life Simulator

Electrician Life Simulator – Simulates the daily life of an electrician

Currently, simulation games allow players to access many different areas in life. Electrician Life Simulator is also one of them. This game allows players to learn about the daily life of an electrician. You will learn the necessary experience and knowledge before starting to work officially.

Electrician Life Simulator

By joining this game, everything will be shortened significantly compared to reality to help you reach electrical repair work faster. Publisher SunyGames has been very understanding of players when providing a full range of tools and knowledge in the first experience. All you need to do is simply touch the screen and repair the electricity for instant profit. Download the game through Google Play or the APK link below the article to better understand electrical repair work right now.

Learn about the work of an electrician

As mentioned, Electrician Life Simulator allows players to transform into real electricians with the task of fixing electrical problems. There are many missions that appear in this game. They require players to use tools as well as learn different knowledge if they want to troubleshoot.

Don’t worry, you will have useful tools available to do your job. Of course, you need to learn carefully the use of each device to apply it correctly. In general, you will be provided with an amount of specialized knowledge related to the electrician profession after enjoying this game.

Fix electrical problems

Like most other simulation games, players will fix electrical problems for customers to earn extra income. Initially, the electrical problems are relatively simple to help you access the game quickly. Gradually, the complexity of incidents will increase and require different knowledge.

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There is quite a bit of work that you will have to do in the Electrician Life Simulator. This includes fixing sockets and switches, changing wiring, or even checking fuses. The most important thing is that you need to ensure the safety of your character during the repair process. With each successful fix, you will receive a corresponding amount of bonuses to buy new equipment and tools. Specialized repair tools will help you complete your work faster.

Intuitive control method

Electrician Life Simulator has a first-person perspective that helps players feel like they are transforming into real electricians. You will not be able to observe your character’s appearance, instead, it will be a visual look ahead. Typically observing electrical problems, specialized repair equipment, or even your customers.

Basically, this game also has a relatively simple control method. You just need to touch the virtual steering wheel button on the left side of the screen to help the character move to electrical repair locations. Then, tap the action icons available on the screen to proceed with the troubleshooting process. Sometimes you also have to talk to the customer to better understand the problem they are facing.

High-quality 3D graphics

The next highlight from Electrician Life Simulator is high-quality graphics. More specifically, the details in the game ensure a certain vibrancy to help players feel like they are transforming into real electricians. Specialized items as well as electrical problems are depicted very successfully and like in reality.

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Besides, the surrounding locations also change continuously in each different mission. Thanks to that, players will not feel bored when enjoying the game for a long time. In fact, each house has a different decoration method, along with many unique situations that you cannot find in any other game. Overall, the display quality of this game is really excellent and won’t let you down.

How to install Electrician Life Simulator

Step 1: Download the APK file of the Electrician Life Simulator from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Then, search for its information in your device’s Settings, go to advanced, and unlock unknown sources.

Step 3: Click Installed Electrician Life Simulator_MOD_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 4: Finally, you just need to turn on the game, set up your information, and experience immediately.

Download Electrician Life Simulator MOD APK for Android

Electrician Life Simulator will immerse you completely in the game world with a whole new job. While this isn’t the first game inspired by the work of an electrician, we believe it offers the most complete content. Up to now, this game has only just been released on the mobile game market, so the upcoming updates will bring a lot of other new features.

Features MOD

  • Unlimited Money


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