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Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur APK is suitable for players who love animals, especially dinosaurs. By joining the game, you will be taken to the Jurassic period, the period is considered to be the time when dinosaurs appeared the most. You will have the opportunity to explore all the dinosaurs and witness their evolution while playing the game.

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Introduce about Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur

Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur – Attractive dinosaur evolution simulation game

Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur

Jurassic Park opened in Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur, this place appeared with a lot of dinosaur species. It’s time for you to control a small dinosaur and use the merge element to witness the progress of dinosaurs in this game. The publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES has added a lot of attractive content ready to please all players. Use strategy to combine dinosaurs and create the most powerful dinosaur. Currently, this game has reached more than 1 million installs on Google Play, so you can be assured of the content it brings.

Existing in the Jurassic period

Transform into a small dinosaur in Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur, your task is to survive and develop in the Jurassic period. This is where a lot of different dinosaurs gather, they have completely separate designs and characteristics. You need to control your dinosaur to move in the dinosaur world, looking for the right resources to develop. After eating the required amount, you will get a certain amount of bonuses and start the merge level. Try to complete the mission to witness the dinosaur’s change immediately.

Merge dinosaurs to evolve

As the name suggests, Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur is a game developed according to the merge element. That is, players will have to merge the same dinosaurs to create new species. Accordingly, you will start the merge level when you complete the challenge of moving from the system. Here, you will buy the same little dinosaurs and start the process of merging them.

In this game, you need to have mastered synthesis skills to create the most elite dinosaurs. Everything will start from small-sized dinosaurs to dinosaurs possessing skillful fighting skills. Basically, you just need to touch the screen and perform drag and drop to create new dinosaurs. More specifically, you will accompany the newly created dinosaur on the next food collection journey.

Lots of dinosaurs available

From merging in Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur, you will discover a lot of different dinosaur species, from the usual small dinosaurs to thunder dinosaurs, tyrants, and more. Currently, you can find several types of dinosaurs available in this game including T-rex, Diplodocus, Pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and new dinosaurs will be continuously added to provide the best experience. At the same time, all the dinosaurs are designed according to the original so that you can easily visualize them.

Extend the evolution of dinosaurs

In fact, Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur is simply a regular merge game and does not integrate combat elements. It all just includes prolonging the evolution of dinosaurs so you won’t see the battle scenes appear. Peace is what the publisher aims for when developing this game. Are you ready to transform into a Jurassic dinosaur and explore your way?

Besides, the surrounding environment will also change continuously after each game. That is, you will have the opportunity to meet all the dinosaurs from small to large with vivid and beautiful designs. We believe that new areas appear continuously throughout the game to help you always feel excited when experiencing.

Gentle but very attractive 3D graphics

Graphics quality is also a notable highlight of this game. More specifically, Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur owns a 3D graphic format, accompanied by an extremely beautiful cartoon design. Thanks to that, you will quickly feel the visualization and vividness of the colorful dinosaur world. The design of the dinosaurs appearing in the game will also make you feel impressed. They have been simplified quite a lot compared to the usual to suit more players.

How to install Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur

Step 1: Select the APK file of Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur and please wait a moment for the download to complete.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: Wait for about 1 minute for the installation process to complete, then you can open the game to play right away.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the download and installation process.

Download Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur APK for Android

Welcome to the Jurassic period in Dino Evolution: Merge Dinosaur with lots of exciting content waiting. This is where you will meet ancient creatures that went extinct millions of years ago. All are vividly reproduced through beautiful 3D graphics quality, accompanied by an attractive sound system that promises not to disappoint you. Download this game at our website and start exploring right away.

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