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Outdoor recreational activities in Camping Tycoon MOD APK will bring you unforgettable experiences. Join the game, you will become a manager of a famous campsite. Your task is to find a way to develop this place into a tourist destination that is loved by many tourists.

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Introduce about Camping Tycoon

Camping Tycoon – Manage your campsite and experience great activities

When it comes to the most popular outdoor recreational activities, camping is indispensable. A lot of people love camping because it requires so many different elements and challenges. You will have to demonstrate a full range of skills such as planning, life skills, organization, proper delegation of tasks, and more. Everyone must work together to create the most fun and safe camping activities.

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Recently, many people tend to look to the units that provide camping services to save time and effort. By joining Camping Tycoon, you will become a business owner specializing in providing camping-related services and activities. You need to come up with the right strategies to help your customers stay satisfied when experiencing your services. At the same time, the publisher Kawaii Game also added a lot of interesting activities in the game for players to enjoy freely. You should download the game through Google Play or App Store to discover it right away.

Build a campsite for rent

By joining the game, players will be provided with a piece of golden land with great potential for developing camping services. Now you’ll be a business owner specializing in plug-in rentals and all the activities involved. Of course, you will start by building the smallest thing and try to grow it into a popular picnic area.

Essentially, you need to deliver high-quality service to capture the attention of your customers. In the initial phase, you should focus on the strengths of the site to attract visitors to camp. Gradually, you can expand related services such as selling souvenir products, catering services, entertainment activities, buying more land, planting trees, and more. The most important goal of Camping Tycoon is to bring the best and most complete camping experience to customers.

Scaling up

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After completing the basic steps to get the campground up and running, you will continue to expand with the profits. Accordingly, scaling in Camping Tycoon is very important because it will help you fully exploit the benefits of this vast land. You can come up with ideas to build modern swimming pools, play areas for children, and fishing pools for the elderly. A campsite that is suitable for all customers will help the development process go faster.

Life insurance for employees

In addition to providing the best service to customers, players must also ensure the best life for their staff. They are the ones who manage the activities at the campsite and relieve the work pressure for yourself. Each employee will have different roles and responsibilities, their work will be directly related to a certain function at the campsite. Therefore, you should give good policies to employees so that they can give their best. For example, building rooms for employees to rest, reasonable salary allocation, appropriate hierarchy, and more.

Prepare for the worst-case scenario

Not only thinking about the development of the campsite, but players also need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Camping Tycoon fully simulates tourism activities in reality, so you will face many challenges related to this field. It could be prolonged epidemics, traffic obstacles, natural disasters, bad weather, and more. In these situations, you need to budget for the campsite to operate stably.

Tailored graphic design

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The quality of graphics in Camping Tycoon will make any player feel satisfied. This game comes with thoughtful designs in many aspects that will surely bring the best experience to players. Accordingly, you will get to see the most amazing constructions, exciting camping activities, and more. Everything is inspired by reality, so you will quickly feel the familiarity from the first time. In addition, the sound system in the game also creates vividness and attracts players when experienced.

How to install Camping Tycoon

Step 1: Make sure you uninstall Camping Tycoon if you downloaded it from Google Play.

Step 2: To enable installation permission from unknown files, select “Settings”, “Security”, “Unknown sources” and select “Enable”.

Step 3: Download our APK file and install it as usual.

Step 4: Open the game and enjoy by clicking on the icon available on the screen.

Download Camping Tycoon APK & MOD for Android

Don’t miss Camping Tycoon if you are someone who has a passion for camping and wants to make money from it. This is an interesting business simulation game combined with an idle element, so it is suitable for many different types of players. All you need to do is simply come up with an idea and build yourself a dream campsite to serve all types of customers.

Features MOD:

  • Free Shopping


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