XCOM Legends APK 0.5.14-D.3564 [Full] Download for Android

NameXCOM Legends
PublisherIridium Starfish
Category RPG
Latest Version0.5.14-D.3564
MOD FeaturesNo
Package google play
Update OnOctober 5, 2021

XCOM Legends APK is the next-generation game in the XCOM series from the publisher Iridium Starfish. It is currently available in an early access version before officially launching on Google Play. If you love it, let’s get an overview of it right now with us here.

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Introduce about XCOM Legends

XCOM Legends – The return of the legendary XCOM line

Referring to the XCOM game, people immediately think of a talented army of soldiers in the war against aliens. Following those images, XCOM Legends was born and promises to bring many new things that fans have always expected. Currently, this game is not officially available on any platform, including mobile. But it got over 10,000 installs for the early access version on Google Play. This number is enough to prove the attraction of this new game and promises the perfect experience as expected.

XCOM Legends

Overall, we’d rather praise XCOM Legends than a complaint. Because it is carefully invested in all aspects from content, gameplay to image quality in the game. Besides, the classic matches are reproduced vividly with attractive effects. So it will engage you in unforgettable experiences.

XCOM army leader

As always, gamers will become the supreme leader of the XCOM army to fight the alien forces. The game takes place two years after the humans surrendered to the invaders and the war ended with the disappearance of all humanity. But the hope of restoring human civilization is still there in the last survivors, that is the XCOM force. So join them and command your way to accomplish a noble mission.

Players can organize a team of 5 warriors, gather resources, upgrade and participate in fierce battles. The gameplay mechanism is turn-based, meaning the warriors also suffer after attacking the opponent. Therefore, to win, the tactical factor is important and it shows in the way you arrange the squad. Each warrior has its own strength, but it is only promoted when it is properly exploited. Show off your leadership talent to make things easy.

Warrior recruitment and training

There are many different characters, both male and female, for gamers to choose and assemble into a team. But they don’t necessarily have to keep the same lineup from start to finish. The diversity in the squad shows the richness in tactics. From there, you can better adapt to the different types of matches in the game.

download xcom legends mod

Heroes in XCOM Legends will surprise you with their modern appearance and great skills. Each of them has its own unique personality traits, abilities, and stories. To use them properly, players need to take the time to discover them in every aspect. In the meantime, they can uncover unseen mysteries in the game’s storyline. That looks interesting.

Upgrades are important

The challenges in the game will become more complex over time, requiring the player’s progress in the journey to conquer the invading forces. Therefore, players need to upgrade everything from characters, weapons, skills to tactics to adapt. Firstly, about the character, they can improve after training sessions. Second, about weapons, players can unlock new weapons and upgrade their power with valuable items after each match.

Third, in terms of skills, the upgrade will contribute to making your warrior stronger. At the same time, new skills can unlock to enrich the character’s original skill set. Finally, in terms of tactics, it concerns gamers’ experience when they play XCOM Legends. Through the levels, players can learn valuable lessons about the attack, defense, and formation. Apply those lessons in the next battle to optimize your squad’s strength and overcome previous weaknesses.

Modern 3D graphics

You may be overwhelmed with the picture quality in XCOM Legends. Because it owns a modern 3D graphic style with a creative design. Character images, backgrounds, and other extra details are all realistically described and displayed sharp on the phone screen. Besides, the effects are very eye-catching right in the game and right in the interface of the game. Those things will highlight your experience, promising to make you unable to take your eyes off. Do you believe that?

How to install XCOM Legends

Follow these steps to own XCOM Legends MOD APK at MODDED-1.

Step 1: Click the link at the end of the article to download the APK or MOD file of XCOM Legends.

Step 2: Go to “settings” on your Android device and enable unknown settings. Its purpose is to get the MOD version working.

Step 3: Open XCOM file and install as usual.

Step 4: Tap the game’s icon to open it and play it right after.

Download XCOM Legends MOD APK for Android

What do you expect from the launch of XCOM Legends? Are those new features? This game will not disappoint you with a series of new things about gameplay, controls, and character and item systems. Try it on your phone to meet new warriors on a new journey. You can score more desirable achievements with your smart strategy.

Features MOD:

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