Wonder Knights PV 2.1.7 APK + MOD [Unlimited Money] Download

Buff Studio
Update OnAugust 2, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 4.1
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Wonder Knights PV MOD APK is an extremely attractive vertical screen battle RPG game. By joining the game, you will control a trio of heroes with the task of defeating all enemies that appear on the way. Are you ready to overcome the classic levels while confronting powerful enemies?

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Introduce about Wonder Knights PV

Wonder Knights PV – Impressive vertical battle RPG game

The adventure of the hero trio is about to begin in Wonder Knights PV. You need to quickly accompany them on this dangerous journey to protect the peace of the whole world. Monsters constantly appear everywhere on the map, destroying them all and upgrading the strength of the heroes is your main task in this game.

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Accordingly, the publisher Buff Studio provides players with a lot of content to explore. This means that you will spend many hours of fun playing to explore all available content. Currently, Wonder Knights PV is on sale for $3.49 per download on Google Play. If you want to save this cost, you can download the APK version available below the article.

Familiar RPG gameplay

Instead of controlling a single character like other RPG games, Wonder Knights PV allows the player to control three heroes at the same time. Your task is to help them ensure safety, and use skills to destroy all enemies on the way. This is the time when you need to make reasonable attack decisions to resist the enemy’s attacks. Thereby, you can use the loot obtained after each match to increase the strength of the regular characters. Gradually, the new levels will become more complex, so you need to stay focused while playing the game.

Intuitive control method

Wonder Knights PV possesses a relatively simple control method and is suitable for all types of players. Accordingly, your character will automatically shoot so you just need to make reasonable moves to dodge attacks from the opponent. But remember that to win in this game is not easy at all because the difficulty will constantly increase. If the HP bar of the characters drops to 0 it also means you will start everything from scratch.

Heroes have different roles

To ensure everything is always under control, you need to place heroes effectively on each level. Each hero in Wonder Knights PV will have completely different roles and powers. Therefore, you need to consult their information to come up with more appropriate strategies. For example, you can put heroes with high defense stats in the first place and put heroes that deal more damage in the back. Overall, they will support each other to form the most powerful hero trio on the map.

A lot of challenges are waiting for you

Not only offers fast-paced battles, but Wonder Knights PV also requires players to perform a lot of different tasks. You need to keep track of the task board to perform the assigned tasks. After completing each mission, you will collect often worthy parts to help the heroes become stronger. At the same time, combining combat weapons will help your heroes increase their respective stats. Don’t forget to explore different worlds with lots of enemies waiting for you.

Facing a system of traps and monsters

The system of monsters in Wonder Knights PV is very diverse with many different strengths. They can deal damage in many ways, for example, AoE damage, decomposing slime spray monsters, and more. Besides, the traps will activate when the heroes touch. They can cause your characters to lose a certain amount of HP or cause different effects. In addition, powerful Bosses will appear at the end of each level, you need to do a lot of things to be able to defeat them.

Beautiful graphics quality

Join Wonder Knights PV, players will immediately notice that the graphics are somewhat simple but will bring you unforgettable experiences. This game has a simple, colorful graphic design combined with beautiful combat effects. Thereby, the different environments are also shown very subtly with the change of enemies and surrounding scenes. Besides, the built-in background music will also contribute to a more vivid experience during play.

How to install Wonder Knights PV

Step 1: Download the APK version of Wonder Knights PV at Modded-1.com via the link in this article.

Step 2: Wait for the file to finish downloading and select “Install” to install.

Step 3: Installation is complete and the game will be available to launch on your phone. Enjoy it.

Download Wonder Knights PV MOD APK for Android

Wonder Knights PV will help you better understand the stages of fighting enemies in various environments. Although the main characters all possess impressive powers, your enemies are not weak guys. They continuously increase in strength in each stage, so control the hero properly if you want to win all the matches you participate in.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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