Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age 0.8 APK + MOD [Menu/God/Move/One Hit] Download

Shiba Interactive Games
Update OnOctober 25, 2022
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age MOD APK brings fascinating Viking wars. With hack-and-slash gameplay, the game will help you explore the whole Viking story through interesting content. In this article, we will help you better understand what this game has to offer.

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Introduce about Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age

Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age – RPG game with hack-and-slash mechanics

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The endless adventure in Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age will allow you to better understand the life of the Vikings. You will become a powerful Viking warrior with the task of protecting your world from enemy attacks. Basically, this is a newly released RPG game from publisher Shiba Interactive Games. They have integrated a lot of attractive mechanics to give players a more impressive experience. You should try downloading the game through Google Play or the APK link below this article to better understand the game.

Protect Yggdrasil from enemies

For those who do not know, Yggdrasil is a source of life to protect the peace of the Viking people. But now, things have become more chaotic than ever with the appearance of powerful enemies. They continuously destroy the Holy Trees everywhere. These trees are considered the root of Yggdrasil.

To protect Yggdrasil, you need to become the strongest Viking warrior and improve the defense system in the kingdom. Remember that the enemy will constantly increase so you need to find a way to train as many Viking warriors as possible. All you need to do is fight and destroy each wave of monsters to protect the peace of the world.

Fight with magical creatures

Your enemies in Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age are powerful magical creatures summoned by the forces of darkness. Accordingly, you will control your character through the built-in virtual buttons on the screen. Each virtual button will directly affect the main character’s attacks. You can use the virtual steering wheel button to control the character to move or use the icons on the right of the screen to perform attack actions.

Besides, Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age also allows players to use the special skills of the main character. It is a skill to use tornadoes to damage or summon wolves to join the fight. After each successful defense, you will have about 2 and a half minutes to freely do different things in this game. Typically, you can collect food, cut wooden swords, collect stones, kill wildlife, and more.

Build defensive structures

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Besides the skillful fighting ability of Viking warriors, you also need the help of defensive buildings. Your task is to carefully read the information of each tower, thereby building different towers to be more convenient during the defense. Each tower will have a direct impact that helps you guard the tower as you wish. Accordingly, you can also use fire or ice components to destroy enemies more quickly. Don’t forget to upgrade buildings to get the most effective defense.

Enhance the main character’s stats

Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age allows players to increase the main character’s stats through a variety of skills. You can accumulate experience to level up your character and earn gold. At the same time, you will receive a potential point every time you upgrade your character’s power. This potential is used to boost one of the three main types of stats. These are Vitality, Strength, and Agility, Each of which will have a direct impact on the protagonist’s attack and defense.

Different types of weapons and equipment

This game provides players with a lot of different weapons and equipment to choose from during the battle. Accordingly, you will easily find the most suitable weapons to improve the strength of the main character. The special thing is that each weapon will support different stats for the character.. For example, axes increase attack stats, hammers increase crit, capes increase defense, and more. However, all weapons in the game have durability, and after using up their durability, they will automatically disappear.

Low poly graphic style

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All the details displayed in Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age bring impressive experiences to players. You will have the opportunity to explore the large open world with the appearance of magical creatures and unique constructions. The environment in the game is also very well represented, through which you will be able to see beautiful images right on the experience screen.

How to install Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age

Step 1: You need to download the version (original APK or MOD) of Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your Android device.

Step 3: Install Viking Kingdom file: Ragnarok Age_MOD_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 4: Open the game “Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age” and enjoy.

Download Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age MOD APK for Android

Exciting Viking kingdom is waiting for you to discover in Viking Kingdom: Ragnarok Age with lots of content. This game offers a unique world with beautiful scenery, accompanied by a series of fascinating defense battles. Besides, you can also download the MOD version on our website if you want to play the game more easily.

Features MOD

  • God Mode
  • Move Speed
  • One Hit Kill


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