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Update OnDecember 24, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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The never-ending battle between the demigods of Valkyrie and the monsters of outer space in Valkyrie Rush will bring you a lot of fun. Create a powerful army of Valkyrie with the appearance of beautiful goddesses, then defeat all enemies to unify the entire universe. You should learn more about this game before starting the experience.

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Introduce about Valkyrie Rush

Valkyrie Rush – Exciting battles and combinations of different Valkyries

Com2uS is a very famous publisher in the game market today. They have launched many carefully invested products and achieved many outstanding achievements up to the present time. Typically, some prominent names such as Heroes War or DragonSky have made players around the world feel excited right from the first experience. This has helped the publisher to constantly develop newer games.

Valkyrie Rush

Most recently, Valkyrie Rush has completed the testing phase and officially launched on Google Play and App Store. This is a traditional role-playing game combined with an interesting idle style. In the game, players will have the opportunity to meet beautiful Valkyries female warriors to fight powerful monsters. Thereby, master the planets and helping the universe become more prosperous than ever. Are you ready to accept the assigned task?

The game takes the new air battle theme

It is easy to see that the experience of Valkyrie Rush is quite “strange” when the content introduces many quite new features, different from the usual air combat games on the market. Players not only have to tinker to learn more about the content of the game but also have to keep the necessary patience when the level of this game takes place rather slowly than initially imagined.

In general, when thinking about a casual air combat game like Valkyrie Rush, you will probably think that you will be involved in epic battles in space. However, Valkyrie Rush will make your thinking distorted right from the first experience. This game doesn’t really focus too much on fighting between spaceships. Instead, players will focus on merging the Valkyries goddesses to create a more powerful variant.

The gameplay is relatively easy to understand

In Valkyrie Rush, players will be free to participate in star wars, resource gathering, industrial production, trade, exploration, and many other activities. Whether it’s a great empire or decline, or a shifting balance of power, the entire history of this game will be written by its players. Therefore, you need to be patient and observant throughout the experience if you want to achieve what you want.

download valkyrie rush apk

To get used to the gameplay of this game, we firmly believe that it only takes a relatively short time. All players need to do is simply use their fingers to control their Valkyrie fleet to fire bullets at opponents. Also, merge similar Valkyries to create more powerful variations. It is quite similar to how the famous 2048 game works so it won’t take you long to learn. Besides, there will be a lot of Valkyrie Rush warriors introduced in this game. But most players will be free to choose to upgrade according to the warrior they like.

Upgrade Valkyries

The mechanism for upgrading characters in Valkyrie Rush is relatively familiar. It allows players to continuously upgrade Valkyries female warriors through EXP and the amount of gold earned. Through the pass mode, you will get more resources to upgrade your squad. More specifically, each Valkyrie goddess in the game possesses different strength and appearance.

So upgrade, evolve or equip them with better items to increase the odds of winning the wars. Moreover, these characters will continuously fight even when you are offline to bring valuable loot. This is suitable for players who do not have too much time to experience the game but still ensure non-stop development.

Stunning graphics quality

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The games from the publisher Com2uS have never made us feel disappointed in the quality of graphics they bring. And of course Valkyrie Rush will be no exception. Although only possessing 2D graphics quality, the details in the game bring vividness and attraction to players from the first time. Thanks to that, you will feel the beautiful stars, vast universes, beautiful galaxies, and majestic planets during the game experience.

How to install Valkyrie Rush

Please follow the steps below to install Valkyrie Rush MOD:

Step 1: You can download the MOD version of Valkyrie Rush.

Step 2: Allow the device to run unknown apps by going to “settings”, go to “apps”, go to “advanced” and enabling the above feature.

Step 3: Click on the game and select “Tap Install”.

Step 4: Once the installation is done, you can simply click on the game icon to launch it and play it right away.

Download Valkyrie Rush MOD APK for Android

Overall, with what we have in the beta version, we can believe that the official version of this game will definitely stand out and integrate many changes in many different aspects. This is to give players the best possible experience. Accompany the beautiful Valkyries warriors right now to enjoy the exciting moments that this game brings.

Features MOD:

  • Auto Merge
  • Fairy Auto Add


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