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Super Planet
Update OnNovember 21, 2022
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Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Vahn’s Quest APK is an RPG game combined with the familiar idle element. By joining the game, you will immediately discover the endless war between brave knights and ferocious monsters. As a representative of justice, you need to help the knights in the game defeat the enemy as soon as possible.

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Introduce about Vahn’s Quest

Vahn’s Quest – Become a knight with the quest to defeat all monsters

There is no specific storyline appearing in Vahn’s Quest, players will immediately discover interesting battles from the perspective of talented knights. Your every action directly affects the outcome of the battles in this game. Therefore, you need to make reasonable decisions to optimize the strength of the knights in the squad.

Vahn's Quest

At the same time, do not forget to upgrade their power regularly to be able to defeat increasingly powerful monsters. It’s basically a pre-registration game coming from publisher Super Planet. Therefore, if you want to be one of the first to play the game, you should download the APK version we provide below this article.

Simple gameplay, easy to approach

Like most other idle games, Vahn’s Quest possesses relatively familiar gameplay. Accordingly, players only need to interact on the screen continuously to help their heroes defeat the surrounding opponents. At the same time, this game also uses a vertical screen so that players can fully operate with one hand and defeat the enemy. We believe that you only need a few short minutes to get used to how this game works.

Basically, the battles will take place completely automatically and continuously throughout the game. Your task is simply to touch the characters’ icons to help them perform powerful skill chains and defeat enemies. Moreover, the characters need to be upgraded regularly to optimize damage in each battle. Because the enemy will become stronger and stronger over time, if you don’t have enough power, you will be defeated by them quickly.

The upgrade system is relatively diverse

After each level, the player will receive a corresponding amount of gold used to upgrade or buy in-game items. You can change the equipment of your characters to help them unleash more powerful hits. Each character will be integrated with different parameters depending on the amount of money you have to spend to own them. So choose carefully if you don’t want to feel regret later.

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In general, the number of characters in Vahn’s Quest is relatively diverse, making it easy for players to choose the right one for their squad. However, you need to pass a certain number of levels if you want to unlock the rare characters in the game. In addition to upgrading the character’s stats, you can also use the money earned to upgrade equipment to become stronger.

Get rewarded even when offline

Vahn’s Quest allows players to receive experience and bonuses even while offline. This is an indispensable feature for any idle game at the moment, but it won’t be as much as when you log into the game directly. Besides, this game also offers an “x2 speed of play” feature. It will make everything go faster and you will save a lot of time in the experience.

Nice picture quality

Although it is a game built in a simple style, Vahn’s Quest possesses extremely beautiful graphics quality. This is one of the few idle games on the mobile game market that invests heavily in visuals that promise to make you feel extremely excited to play the game. Details such as knights, towers, environments, or monsters are quite intuitive, creating a balance in terms of composition. In addition, the color system in the game is an interesting combination of light and dark tones, providing an extremely eye-catching and vivid context.

Attractive background music

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The integrated background music throughout the game experience will surely make you feel satisfied. It brings lightness along with a magical element that helps players to be comfortable and highly focused when playing the game. Besides, the sound emitted during the battle will also make everything more vivid. In general, the sound is also one of the factors that make up the success of the game.

How to install Vahn’s Quest

Step 1: Download Vahn’s Quest version (original APK) from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file Vahn’s Quest_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 3: Click Install.

Step 4: Follow the steps on the screen. Click on the icon of the game to experience it right away.

Download Vahn’s Quest APK for Android

Vahn’s Quest possesses gameplay that is not too different from the rest with a beautiful display quality that will surely satisfy even the most demanding players. The game offers a fairly diverse screen system so you can comfortably enjoy the game without getting bored. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game and help the talented knights complete their assigned tasks by defeating all enemies right away.

Features MOD:

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