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Update OnApril 18, 2022
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Trials of Mana is a manga-style role-playing game officially available on the Android platform. Download the MOD version of Trials of Mana at MODDED-1, for the most exciting experiences in 2021.

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Introduce about Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana – The most popular role-playing game of 2021

This game is a new popular console role-playing game released in July 2021. Since its launch on April 24, 2020, on the Steam platform, the game has sold more than 1 million installs worldwide and brought in huge profits for publisher Square Enix. This is really a game that has been greatly improved in terms of graphics and sound, giving players great experiences during the outbreak of COVI-19 in the world.

download trials of mana mod apk

Realizing the potential of Trials of Mana, publisher Square Enix decided to officially launch the Trials of Mana version on the Mobile platform. And now, the game is officially available on Google Play and App Store for $23.99. Are you ready to experience this “World No.1 Role-Playing” game?


Trials of Mana is about a world of darkness, where the “Goddess of Mana” has drawn the righteous “Sword of Mana” to destroy the Benevodon hordes and the monsters that destroy the earth. After the quest was completed, the “Goddess of Mana” personally sealed the terror within the “Eight Stones of Mana”, and returned peace to the kingdom. After defeating the darkness, the Manga Goddess was too weak to rebuild the kingdom alone. In the end, she had to turn into a tree and fall into a thousand-year slumber.

Peace did not last long, the forces of darkness once again began to return. The Benevodons and monsters broke the seal in “The Eight Manga Stones” to gain control of the world. The peace has since officially ended, and a manga world disappears. So what will the end be? Are you ready to conquer the kingdom with the “Manga Goddess”?


Trials of Mana brings fairly popular manga gameplay in the world. In the game, you will start your adventure with 3 out of 6 main characters. Note that, the main character is always the one who makes the final decision in the rescue of the kingdom. Therefore, you need to choose wisely and combine with your companions to destroy the “Benevodon” hordes. Return the peaceful world to mankind.

Control system

download trials of mana full apk

Controlling the characters in Trials of Mana is quite simple, you just need to apply dynamic mechanics to evade enemies Benevodons. But don’t forget, you need to attack the air combined with the menu skills typical of the manga series to destroy the opponent. Of course, each mission will be different, requiring players to focus absolutely. There are 4 modes for you to practice:

  • Start
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Difficult.
  • Good luck!

Unlock and upgrade characters

As mentioned above, Trials of Mana offers up to 6 main characters. In addition to unlocking new characters, you also have the task of upgrading the main character’s strength. Change the appearance of the character, unlock the power of light or darkness. In addition, there are additional Class 4 and 300 different types of abilities for you to unlock. It will certainly bring a lot of fierce competition for players.

Greatly improved graphics

download trials of mana apk

In this version, Trials of Mana is greatly improved in terms of graphics and sound. The visual details in Trials of Mana are depicted in a 3D rendered manga style, setting it apart from the rest. The images of characters, landscapes, weapons, are described in beautiful detail. Besides the sound system, with more than 60 songs and a professional dubbing system (from English and Japanese), will definitely provide a great experience for players.

How to install Trials of Mana

Step 1: Download the version of Trials of Mana (Original APK or APKS) exclusively released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device. Allow “Trials of Mana” to access the installer.

Note: For the APKS version, you need to download the “MODDED-1 SAI” installer. Details and instructions can be found here.

Step 3: Open the Trials of Mana_modded-1.com.apk file. Select settings.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the main screen.

New update in Trials of Mana

Version 1.0.2

  • Bug fixes

Download Trials of Mana APK for Android

With the details on Trials of Mana, we believe the number one role-playing game from Square Enix is sure to deliver breakthroughs. If you are a lover of the “RPG” series, then do not miss the appearance of this game. Currently, Square Enix only supports 2 main languages, English and Japanese. In the new update, will be added further. You can visit MODDED-1, for official game information.

MOD Features:

  • Coming Soon

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