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TRAHA Global APK brings the ultimate MMORPG experience that you should not miss. Every detail is perfectly reproduced through the extremely realistic Unreal Engine 4 graphics platform. This will definitely make you feel overwhelmed with the realistic graphics along with the depth of content that this game possesses from the first time.

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Introduce about TRAHA Global

TRAHA Global – An open-world MMORPG game with Unreal Engine 4 graphics

There are not too many RPG games on mobile platforms that are developed based on the Unreal Engine 4 graphics platform. TRAHA Global is one of the few games that possess this advanced graphics quality. This is an upcoming product from the publisher MOAI GAMES Corporation. Join the game, players will enjoy the endless adventure in the large open world.

TRAHA Global

You can control your character to fight with various enemies, collect items and become the strongest. All are fully demonstrated in this game. Get ready to conquer the dark dungeons of TRAHA Global by downloading this game through Google Play or at the APK link below this article now.

Many character classes to choose from

TRAHA Global provides players with many different character classes to freely choose from, including Scythe, Bow, Greatsword, Shield, Staff, Dual Blade, and Knuckles. The special thing is that you can freely switch between classes in any situation to achieve the best combat effect. In fact, you can also create effective combos through the available skills of each different class.

Thereby, you can play as a Tank, Damage Dealer, or Healer during the course of the battle. In general, the class change mechanism will definitely create excitement for players when enjoying the game. Your understanding of each character class will be demonstrated through intense battles with powerful opponents.

Explore the big open world

Experience the open world in TRAHA Global with high-end graphics that will surely make you feel impressed the first time. Here, players can explore 6 expansive battlefields on an extremely large scale. Each location has a different layout so that players do not get bored. Not only that, the appearance of dark dungeons inhabited by powerful creatures will effectively test your combat skills. Defeating these monsters not only makes you stronger but also has the opportunity to receive valuable rewards.

PvP/RvR content

download traha global mod

Activities from PvP, PvE, RvR, or in-game events available in TRAHA Global will surely make you feel impressed with what they have to offer. Most of these events are presented through different modes for players to choose from freely, including 1v1 arena, Battlefield, Conquest Battles, Sieges, and Territorial Battles.

You will take turns participating in small and medium-sized arenas and try to win against all opponents. Remember that valuable rewards are only available to worthy players so give your best effort. More specifically, Conquest Battles mode is held on a scale of 100 vs 100, helping to push the competition to the highest level. Not only in terms of rewards but also in the pride of each faction.

Relax with life skills content

After intense battles with enemies, TRAHA Global understands that players need to relax to recharge. Therefore, this game provides a lot of content related to life skills so you to feel relaxed while doing them. These include activities like cooking, fishing, blacksmithing, and more. Not only that, but you can also collect and craft different weapons and equipment to develop the strength of the main character.

Developed on the Unreal Engine 4 graphics platform

download traha global apk

As mentioned, the graphics quality of TRAHA Global is developed based on the Unreal Engine 4 platform, so all the details are vividly reproduced on the screen. Thereby, players can feel the amazing detail through the large open world or eye-catching effects throughout the experience. At the same time, the characters in the game are also shown very prominently with different appearance characteristics. You can also intervene in the process of customizing the main character’s features such as the face, proportions, skin color, and more.

How to install TRAHA Global

Step 1: You need to download the APK version of TRAHA Global exclusively developed at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your Android phone, allow the “TRAHA Global” APK file to access unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the downloaded TRAHA Global_modded-1.com file. Click install.

Step 4: After successful installation, the icon of the game will appear. Log in to the game by tapping the icon.

Download TRAHA Global APK for Android

Countless interesting activities are waiting for you to discover in TRAHA Global. This is really an attractive MMORPG game with interesting content built in. Moreover, freedom is an important factor in this game when players can develop their character in the desired direction and explore any location. Do not forget to cooperate with other players to complete the difficult challenges assigned.

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