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Com2uS Holdings Corporation
Update OnAugust 1, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Get ready for a long battle in Tracksuit Hero: AFK. You are a tiny warrior with great strength on a journey to conquer the world of martial arts. Choose skills strategically to take down all of your opponents along the way.

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Introduce about Tracksuit Hero: AFK

Tracksuit Hero: AFK – Idle action gameplay with classic scene style

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen games with the same arcade style as the classic Mario games. But all of a sudden, we found it in Tracksuit Hero: AFK, the new game from the publisher Com2uS Holdings Corporation. It recreates the familiar scene gameplay of the time but combines it with an idle fighting style. Gamers can play by themselves or choose auto mode to comfortably enjoy the constant battles taking place on the screen. The further you go, the more new things appear and are full of pleasant surprises. New enemies, new backgrounds, and new skills, you’ll discover them all.

Tracksuit Hero: AFK

This game also impresses with pixel art graphic style, which makes it more like classic games. However, it is well described in the image, the context, and especially the effects. Everything comes together to make the battles more vibrant and colorful than ever on screen. Enjoy smooth left-to-right movement with a variety of colors that showcase your every move. It’s time to turn the amateur into a master of martial arts.

Fight for a place in the martial arts world

Inspired by martial arts dramas, Tracksuit Hero: AFK will make you excited with the tiny warrior’s journey to conquer the legendary martial arts. You will control him to engage in increasingly exciting encounters with increasingly powerful enemies. Use weapons and special skills to attack and finish every enemy after colorful shows. Your warrior will have up to 4 skills, which are unlocked gradually throughout the battle journey. Start as a nameless warrior with only 1 skill. But then, gamers can have a top swordsman that makes everyone scared.

The way to control the character is super simple, it’s like an idle experience. Gamers do not need to move the character because they will automatically run forward. Meanwhile, they can watch him fight on autopilot or choose skill cards to attack. Each skill will take a certain time to recover. So gamers need to consider carefully to optimize the effectiveness of each important skill.

Customize your character with costumes and weapons

The game gives you hundreds of unique outfits to customize your warrior. It is really diverse with super cool clothes from classic to modern themes. All of them are in the game’s store and range in price from low to high. The more beautiful and rare the skin, the more expensive it is, but it helps you stand out in every fight.

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Besides, gamers can upgrade warriors with a variety of weapons and equipment. The choice of sword, knife, hammer, or staff is up to you. Each weapon has different abilities and can be upgraded to a maximum of 5 stars. In addition, there are other types of equipment such as rings, bracelets, armor to increase the warrior’s HP, DEF, MP, and ATK stats. The higher the level, the stronger the equipment, useful for gamers to conquer increasingly terrible enemies.

Note: Gamers can sell equipment and weapons to earn money if they find them no longer useful. That money can be used to buy new ones, helping to diversify the strategy to build warriors in new ways.

Pixel art graphics

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Tracksuit Hero: AFK with pixel graphics reminds us of memories in old games. However, it is better with beautiful, detailed, and colorful images. The game context is increasingly diverse as gamers level up. It includes new scenes, new houses, new enemies. Thanks to that, the game is increasingly interesting, although the gameplay is always the same. Besides, the combat effects are a great highlight to make every match exciting. It also combines with vibrant music and smooth warrior movements, creating a complete experience.

Steps to install Tracksuit Hero: AFK

Step 1: Download Tracksuit Hero: AFK (APK or MOD) from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your mobile.

Step 3: Install the file and wait a short while for it to complete.

Step 4: Finish the installation, the game icon appears “Tracksuit Hero: AFK by MODDED-1.COM”. You can click it to open the game and enjoy the experience.

Download Tracksuit Hero: AFK APK for Android

A long but fascinating journey is what you find in Tracksuit Hero: AFK. It’s cool enough with idle mechanics that anyone can play and a pretty nice 2D graphics platform. This is your journey to conquer enemies from low to high, hunt for bonuses to unlock equipment, upgrade warriors, and discover many new battles. It is a familiar but new scene game, the characters are lovely, the effects are lively and the context is diverse. Thanks to that, the game can make an impression on all mobile gamers, including you. Become the master of martial arts, why not? Everyone has a dream but only you can make it come true, right?

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