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Update OnJune 29, 2022
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The stickman army is in need of your help in Stickman Awakens APK to defeat all the evil enemies. Based on RPG elements and turn-based combat mechanics, this game will bring you top-notch battles with many beautiful effects on the screen. Don’t miss the exciting adventure that this game is about to bring.

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Introduce about Stickman Awakens

Stickman Awakens – Stickman RPG game combined with an impressive card

Stickman Awakens brings players to extremely addictive stickman battles. Now you will not transform into a stickman superhero to fight every enemy anymore. Instead, you will have the opportunity to command an army of stickmen with the help of different heroes to go on an endless adventure.

Stickman Awakens

The system of enemies in the game developed by the publisher Acingfun is very unique and diverse. You will take turns confronting opponents from simple to power through many fierce battles. Download Stickman Awakens through Google Play or App Store to discover it now. Unleash the power of heroes and prepare for intense confrontations in this game.

Collect powerful stickman army

Up to the present time, Stickman Awakens provides players with more than 70 different stickman characters of 6 separate factions to choose from. Each hero has different combat mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses. All are presented in the form of cards with detailed information for players to freely choose.

Accordingly, you will have the opportunity to create a separate squad, thereby leveling up the warriors to help them become stronger. In addition, publisher Acingfun has tried to restore the typical fighting skills of the stickman and add tactical mechanics to this game. Therefore, we believe that you will not be disappointed with the content shown during the experience.

Take part in 3×3 tactical battles

3×3 battlefields are the element that all players aim for in Stickman Awakens. Here, you will become a real commander with the task of giving the best tactics in each battle. Accordingly, you just need to drag the right stickman onto the turn-based 3×3 grid battlefield to fight the enemy.

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When the match starts, the two teams will rush to attack each other until one of the two sides is completely destroyed. After winning, you will discover new battles with increased difficulty. In general, the automatic combat mechanism will save you a lot of time when playing the game. In addition, Stickman Awakens also allows players to participate in many battles at the same time to shorten the waiting time.

Enjoy the ultimate arenas

Not only stopping at matches with computer opponents, but Stickman Awakens also brings top-notch arenas through online mode. This is where you will have a chance to PK online with the top players on each server. Of course, it is not easy to beat other opponents in the ultimate online battles. Besides owning a strong enough stickman army, you need to come up with the most reasonable tactics in each battle. In addition, the rewards received after each match will also make you feel surprised at their value.

Explore new lands

Content in Stickman Awakens will continuously unlock according to the progress of the player’s experience. After overcoming all the battles in any land, the system will take you to a new land with stronger enemies to explore. Each land in the game will have its own unique characteristics in terms of context and many different factors.

Therefore, your army needs to be upgraded regularly if you do not want to be defeated by other opponents quickly. Besides, Stickman Awakens also integrates the AFK Loot mechanism. This means that the stickman army will continue to move and fight many different enemies even when you are not logged into the game.

Nice display quality

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Although it is a stickman-themed mining game, the graphic quality of Stickman Awakens really impressed us. All the details appearing in the game are described very meticulously, accompanied by beautiful attack effects with many eye-catching visual effects. All these factors will contribute to giving players unforgettable experiences during the enjoyment. Besides, the sound system will also give you a lively feeling when participating in battles.

How to install Stickman Awakens

Step 1: Download the Stickman Awakens version (original APK) at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: On your Android phone, unlock unknown sources.

Step 3: Click Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete. Then tap the game’s icon to enjoy the exciting stickman battles.

Download Stickman Awakens APK for Android

The fierce stickman arena in Stickman Awakens is waiting for you to explore. The uncompromising stickman battles will be vividly reproduced in this game. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to become a true leader by making appropriate decisions in each match. Complete every mission and take down your enemies on your journey to prove your own strength. The winner will get a well-deserved reward in this game.

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