STAR WARS: KOTOR II APK + OBB 2.0.2 (Full Paid) Download for Android

PublisherAspyr Media
Category RPG
Latest Version2.0.2
RequiresAndroid 6.0
MOD FeaturesNo
Package google play
Update OnMarch 16, 2021

STAR WARS: KOTOR II APK is an extremely addictive role-playing game developed by Aspyr Media. It will bring you to the legendary Star Wars universe and starting your journey right there. In this article, we will help you better understand this interesting game.

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STAR WARS: KOTOR II is the next version of the legendary classic game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic that was first released 11 years ago. The previous version, STAR WARS: KOTOR, has made a strong impression on the player community. But we believe that STAR WARS: KOTOR II is the most complete and polished version.

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Therefore, the return of this game on mobile platforms will definitely bring players a familiar but also a very new experience. Currently, this game has $15 price per download on Google Play. Of course, you can also save money by downloading the game via the APK and MOD link below this article.


download star wars kotor ii apk

STAR WARS: KOTOR II was built 4000 years ago when the Milky Way Empire and hundreds of Jedi knights entered the fierce war against the evil lord Sith. In that chaos, you will become a warrior and the last hope of the Jedi sect. The player’s mission is to gather heroes in the Star Wars universe. They can be a female Jedi capable of wielding the superior Lightsaber, a marksmanship warrior, or a loyal crazy robot. Are you ready to rescue the galaxy in this game?

Great galaxy

Join STAR WARS: KOTOR II, players will travel to familiar locations such as Tatooine and Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk. For gamers who love the famous Star Wars movie around the world, this will definitely be an extremely wonderful experience.

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To ensure the safety of your character, you need to find the best warriors in the galaxy for your army. With the extremely diverse character system integrated from the game, you will not have too much difficulty in choosing the most suitable warriors.

Tactical factors

Remember that strategy and skills are important factors in STAR WARS: KOTOR II. This means that you need to make the most of your character’s strengths and advantages to defeat the enemy. Basically, each character will have a completely different story and memory. They will also have their own skills so that players can easily find the warrior they want to use in each battle.

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In general, these warriors will be one of the pillars of the player’s squad. Therefore, you can help them coordinate ranged or melee combat depending on the battle situation to gain an advantage over the enemy. Thereby, players will make the best decisions for their team at each different time.

Mechanism “time suspend”

The most special feature that STAR WARS: KOTOR II brings is probably the introduction of a unique and new “pause” mechanism in the present time. When this mechanism is activated, the in-game activities will be completely halted. This gives players more time to arrange and coordinate their squad in each battle properly. Overall, this mechanism is actually an amazing plus from STAR WARS: KOTOR II. It will help players feel the fast-paced fierce combat and have enough time to consider tactics in urgent situations.

Additionally, players can compete for rewards, characters, and additional items by participating in game-hosted events. Your ultimate goal in the game is to gain a high position on the leaderboards while dominating the galaxy.

Graphics and sound

Despite being 11 years old, but with this comeback this time on mobile platforms, STAR WARS: KOTOR II has changed quite a lot in terms of graphics to help players feel excited during the experience. The characters in the game are kept the same shape, eyes, and costumes compared to the first version. This will certainly not make you feel disappointed with what the game brings.

Sound element is also one of the main highlights that helped STAR WARS: KOTOR II achieve great achievements as it is today. The game possesses a lively sound background thanks to the advanced sound technology available, thereby reviving the heroic and extremely mysterious atmosphere of the Star Wars world through familiar melodies.

How to install STAR WARS: KOTOR II

Step 1: Download the file STAR WARS: KOTOR II (APK + OBB) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Tap Install OBB -> Select STAR WARS: KOTOR II OBB (

Step 3: Install the APK of STAR WARS: KOTOR II.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete.

Download STAR WARS: KOTOR II MOD APK for Android

STAR WARS: KOTOR II is a harmonious blend of powerful character systems, advanced upgrade systems, intuitive control mechanisms, and top-notch battles. This promises to bring you moments of extremely amazing experience right on your phone.

If you feel bored with the popular role-playing products today, this game will definitely be a very reasonable choice in the present time. STAR WARS: KOTOR II is currently free on both App Store and Google Play, what are you waiting for? Quickly download the game and lead your team to win every match that you join right away.

MOD Feature:

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