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Royal Ark
Update OnNovember 26, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Get ready for the long battle in the post-apocalyptic world of Shelter War. It’s not just a zombie attack anymore, it’s cyborgs and frenzied opponents. Build your squad, fortify underground military zones, train soldiers and engage in uncompromising battles to protect the last survivors.

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Introduce about Shelter War

Shelter War – Strategic survival gameplay with RPG elements

Probably don’t need to say much about survival games in the post-apocalyptic world anymore, because it’s so familiar. But since experiencing Shelter War, I would really recommend it to you. It’s not entirely new, but its significant changes will keep you excited. A new plot, of course, is still based on the old idea and a story of survival after the crisis of humanity. But the game plot is invested very carefully, it will make you rethink the concept of an “apocalyptic world”. Not just zombies, you will find it has much more to it.

Shelter War

That storyline is combined with survival gameplay and role-playing elements to create a great experience. A modern design style that will highlight it all with people, robots, machines, advanced weapons, advanced vehicles, and more. Although they are only shown in 2D platforms. Everything is sharp and realistic enough to successfully depict the images and movements in the game. These advantages are the reason for more than 1 million installs of Shelter War, the game from the publisher Royal Ark.


At the beginning of the game, gamers will see a cutscene introducing the story of Shelter War. It will surprise you because this is a topic that is both old and new and full of charm. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world when survivors return to earth to establish a new life for humanity. So what happened before that? The wars between robots and humans have caused a terrible explosion, destroying everything, except for a few people who managed to escape on the spaceship. Now, the seeds for that war are not over yet.

Upon returning from the spaceship, the survivors formed a base together in the bunker. They will have to survive the attack of the remaining robotic machines, even zombies, a new mutant virus. Besides, other survivors have also changed their view of humanity. They are ready to stand up against humanity in order to wipe out the old civilization. That is the reason leading to the war between the righteous and the villain. Who are you in this war?

Build base and army

You are one of the survivors who want to restore human civilization. So, the time has come to begin this noble mission with a wise strategic plan. Gamers will have to build their base to protect the survivors. At first, they were just a group of a few people and a base for living and fighting. Go from there to soon own an elite army and a large base area with many separate rooms.

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Base areas can include living rooms, training, research, experiments, and more. Gamers will gradually unlock them while recruiting new warriors to take on different roles. Some will be useful for experiments and research on viruses. Some may specialize in science, technology, or weapons. While some are in good health, fit to participate in confrontations to protect the base.

Defend the base in the bunker

In the survival game Shelter War, indispensable battles are indispensable. Gamers will send their army into the battlefield and confront robots and other opponents. Different warriors will bring different effects on the battlefield. Therefore, gamers need to be selective and reasonable. But basically, warriors also have familiar classes such as marksman, warrior, tanker, and more.

It is not necessary to control the warrior on the battlefield. The warriors will automatically fight and show off their skills. However, gamers can click on various add-on effects to increase their chances of winning. At the same time, constantly upgrade warriors with equipment, weapons, and items to increase strength over time.

Realistic and vivid 2D graphics

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Shelter War’s graphic quality is at a good level. Everything is designed in chibi style so the details are small, sharp, and colorful. Survival warriors look small but super cool, and at the same time possess a creative appearance, like no other. The game context is also diverse with many different battlefield scenes through each level. And the sound is also pretty great with vibrant background music. Moreover, the dialogue is carefully invested for each character in the game.

How to install Shelter War

Step 1. Download Shelter War MOD APK version MOD at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2. Tap install.

Step 3. The game icon appears “Shelter War by MODDED-1”. Click it to open the game and play it right on your phone.

Download Shelter War APK & MOD for Android

If anyone loves survival games, try Shelter War at least once. It has all the elements to make an immersive experience, like RPG, survival, building, and more. Join the game and build a base, an army to be ready for any war with robots, zombies, and even humans. It is a long journey that requires progress, upgrading in both quantity, quality, and strategy.

Features MOD

  • God Mode


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