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Update OnJune 16, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Coming to Seek of Souls, players will be involved in extremely interesting but equally dangerous adventures. This is an RPG game with a card element from the publisher TownSoftJP. In this article, join us to find out more information about this game.

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Introduce about Seek of Souls

Seek Of Souls – An Unlimited adventure

In any era, there are also people who tend to want to be free, want to get rid of the tiles around to find fun with endless adventures. But does wandering around really make us feel good? Answers will have quickly when you experience Seek of Souls.

As mentioned, this game will take players on exciting adventures, where they will become real wanderers. First, the player needs to choose a suitable character, then proceed to name the character to start the journey immediately. Remember, the world in the game not only has one adventurer, you but also many other players around the world.

Choose a place to explore

After completing the initial customization process, players will be given a choice of places they will explore through a large built-in map. Of course, this choice will not be time-bound, so you should consider it carefully before making your decision. Seek of Souls allows players to explore a town, a village, or any other land they want.

Note: Information about the places appearing on the map will be completely confidential, and players can only see the name and simulated image of it. Finally, simply clicking on a specific location can start your exploration right away.

Optional everything

Players will face challenges big and small throughout their journey. But do not worry too much because there is no challenge that you can stop your journey, simply slow down. This means that the character will be revived after death, all important factors such as skills, experience, items, will remain the same as before.

Besides, Seek of Souls also allows players to customize everything in the game according to their wishes. For example, in the process of fighting, if you find things too difficult for you, adjust the difficulty and strength of the monster. This will make it easy for you to complete the challenge and continue your journey. On the contrary, you can also customize things to be more difficult whenever you want.

Starting from the smallest

Just like in reality, players will have to start this game with the simplest things. That is to help their character become stronger in each stage. By training, learning, and collecting items available along the way to increase combat capabilities. After completing any task, the player will receive a reward corresponding to the difficulty that he has overcome. That can be weapons, armor, gold coins. The mission system will have increasing difficulty, so start from simple tasks before confidently performing difficult tasks.

Meet other players

Your journey in Seek of Souls is not alone. There were always a number of knights and sponsors present along the way. Basically, sponsors are willing to pay a certain amount every time you help them do something. The share ratio will usually be proportional to the amount of work you do.

The other knights were actually players around the world. They will also begin the process of world exploration, through which to experience the delightful feelings this journey brings. Of course, the characters of other players will also have completely different strengths and skills but still ensure a balance when experiencing the game.

Besides, players will also have to face powerful Bosses in certain missions. Obviously, you will easily be defeated by them if you do not upgrade the power of the main character. But in return, the odds of you getting valuable rewards after defeating the Boss will be higher.

High-quality Graphics and sound

The graphics quality of Seek of Souls has seen a marked improvement compared to the previous game from the publisher TownSoftJP. The design methods in the game are also quite smart, with built-in gentle strokes that will definitely help the player’s battle process become much lighter. Besides, the transition effect also ensures the inherent smoothness of a mobile game.

In addition, the background music in the game also shows great success when the lightness and melodiousness are highly appreciated during the experience. Therefore, players will feel comfortable, relaxed even when fighting in Seek of Souls.

How to install Seek of Souls

Step 1: Download Seek of Souls (MOD Money) version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings (allow the app to access the phone).

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: Open the game and experience!

Download Seek of Souls MOD APK for Android

Seek Of Souls is a game worth experiencing in the present moment. It owns not have too special gameplay, but it will definitely give players the appeal from the first time to enjoy. Besides, the graphics and sound of this game are also quite appreciated. Download the game via the APK link below the article to verify it right away.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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