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Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt APK is an extremely attractive futuristic RPG game. Accordingly, it comes with turn-based battles combined with vertical screen mechanics that promise to bring you memorable experiences. You will have to form a squad of many different heroes to fight the entire opponent in each battle.

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Introduce about Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt

Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt – Strategy game with a vertical screen interface

Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt

Get lost in the unique futuristic animated world of Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt. This is an RPG game combined with a strategy element that has just been released by the publisher MoreFun Game Limited. Game content revolves around engaging turn-based battles, where you will run your team of heroes against every enemy along the way. The remarkable highlight of this game comes from 3D graphics along with unique character creation that promises to make you feel excited. Currently, you can download the game through Google Play or the APK link below this article to enjoy.

Participate in the contest “The Hunt”

Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt is set in the future, sometime in the year 2042. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nirvana’s development, Omni Games – now known as Omnicorp – has released a new contest called “The Hunt”. This is a very competitive contest and contains a lot of danger and only the best will win in the end.

More specifically, the developers have hidden the keys in many different worlds, each guarded by powerful Bosses. The group of players who collect all the keys in the world will be granted a wish of their choice and it will come true. All you need to do is gather the best heroes to accompany you on your journey to find all the keys in the world.

Looking for the best heroes

In fact, Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt offers a diverse hero system for you to choose freely. The number of allies that you can call on is more than 100. Of course, each hero will have unique skills, suitable for the tactics of each specific player. Therefore, you should only look for heroes who truly match your tactical style to harness their power effectively. They have a number of stars from 3 to 5 and you need to find the heroes with the highest number of stars to increase your win rate in each battle.

Simple and idle gameplay

download ready heroes nirvana hunt mod

Despite bringing intense turn-based battles, the gameplay of Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt is relatively simple and suitable for many players. Accordingly, you just need to arrange the formation that suits your tactics before each match. When entering battle, the characters will automatically fight the enemy and use their skills when possible. The match only ends when one of the two sides is completely destroyed. At the same time, the vertical screenplay style will also save resources and help players free their hands.

Regularly upgrade the strength of heroes

Enemies will become more and more powerful in Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt. Therefore, you need to find ways to upgrade the strength of the heroes on your team. Basically, Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt offers quite a few ways to upgrade the strength of heroes. Typically, equipment and items are the most important factor to help heroes increase attack and defense stats. The more high-status items you collect, the more power your hero will possess.

AFK feature accumulates resources

Besides the above advantages, Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt also integrates the familiar AFK feature. Accordingly, this feature allows players to receive rewards to upgrade the squad even when offline. Now, you don’t need to log into the game often, because the heroes will fight freely and bring you valuable rewards. Are you the one to get the wish by defeating all the opponents? Download this game to get the most correct answer.

Colorful 3D graphics

download ready heroes nirvana hunt apk

The 3D graphics quality of Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt is also shown quite well with well-designed images. Join the game, you will immediately see the images of the heroes shown very vividly and uniquely. Accompanying that is a variety of combat effects in battles that will also contribute to increasing the player’s experience. Besides, the lively background music and sound emitted during the game will definitely make you feel impressed.

How to install Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt

Step 1: Click on the link Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt APK below this article to download the game for your Android phone.

Step 2: To install APK, please go to “settings” and enable unknown installation.

Step 3: Now you can open the Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt_modded-1.com.apk file and install it.

Step 4: Wait until the installation is complete, you can open the game and play right away.

Download Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt APK for Android

With powerful allies available, you need to come up with the right strategy to win in Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt. This game has all the necessary elements to bring you endless fighting experiences. The biggest reward of “The Hunt” can be yours, log into the game to claim it.

Features MOD:

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