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Petown MOD APK is a new role-playing game inspired by Pokemon. Join the game, you will play the role of a trainer and participate in the journey to catch and train Pokemon. Exciting battles between trainers are waiting for you to join and conquer.

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Introduce about Petown

Petown – The adventure of Pokemon trainers


The Pokemon movie has become an endless inspiration for a series of mobile games, including Petown. This game has just launched recently but will soon attract a large number of fans. That is thanks to the careful investment in many aspects from the gameplay to the character system and visual style. This game is designed with 3D combined 2D graphics. It promises to bring a wonderful world of adventure for Pokemon masters. Your goal is to be the champion at the end of this adventure.

Explore available modes

The game has multiple modes but there are two main modes, story and PvP. In story mode, gamers will have a long adventure journey through hundreds of levels. At each level, they will face off against any Pokemon trainer in the story. Thereby, they will have the opportunity to explore the story chapters and go through many different places. At the same time, many types of Pokemon with increasing strength will become an obstacle for them. But more challenge means more fun.

Meanwhile, the PvP mode is a real-time competitive arena. It’s where you’ll have the chance to compete head-to-head with online Pokemon trainers from around the world. These wars will be more attractive and affect your ranking. Moreover, it is more complicated because you have to compete with real brains instead of AI. So let’s start with story mode, then PvP. Gamers will learn a lot from the battles in both these modes.

Join the Pokemon war

The battles in Petown still take place according to the classic turn-based mechanism. Before the battle, gamers need to choose and assemble a Pokemon squad. Entering the battlefield, they have full control over their Pokemon team. At each turn, they can decide to attack, defend or change Pokemon according to their own tactical plan. Just click on the corresponding skill buttons on the screen to do it. So you don’t need instructions on how to play this game. But you need to gain experience to hone your strategy.

Unlock and upgrade the Pokemon collection

This game brings more than 800 Pokemon that came out from the legendary movie. Those are the most common beasts of various classes. Each monster will have its own profile, indicating its strengths. Specifically, each Pokemon will have its own attribute stats such as HP, S.ATK, ATK, DEF, S.DEF, and SPD. Besides, it also has other secondary stats such as EXP (experience points), ability, class, gender, and more. Investigate the profiles of the Pokemon in the squad to gain important insights.

The number of monsters will increase as the level is higher. Furthermore, the monster’s attribute stats will increase as they level up. Gamers need to spend money to upgrade them and unlock more monsters. The more diverse the collection of monsters, the greater the ability to create strategies. Pokemon evolution not only gives you a better advantage but also gives you a new look. Each Pokemon has three evolutions that mean increased strength and body size. Let’s upgrade them to the ultimate level.

Adventure through many lands

The adventure journey of gamers will go through many different areas. A magical Pokemon world appears before your eyes with beautiful backgrounds. Gamers will have the opportunity to fight in familiar locations. In each place, there will be a unique system of monsters to explore. Besides, when you set foot in a new land, you will meet new trainers. Do not hesitate to interact with them to discover the game’s story.

Enjoy vivid 3D style

Petown impresses with its 3D graphic style. This style vividly depicts the diverse and colorful world of beasts. The Pokemon image is also inspired by the original movie. As a result, they bring the necessary friendliness and closeness. The skill effects from monsters are also factors that make the battlefield attractive. Moreover, the dialogue, information, parameters, and many other details are quite intuitive.

How to install Petown

Please uninstall other versions of Petown (if you have installed it before).

Step 1: Download Petown MOD APK at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources to install APK files on your phone.

Step 3: Click Install on the downloaded file.

Step 4: Complete the installation and the icon “Petown” will appear. Log in to the game and enjoy it.

Download Petown MOD APK for Android

Do not hesitate but download Petown to enjoy it now. This game will take you back to your childhood as a Pokemon trainer. An exciting adventure is waiting for you ahead. Get ready for stories or PvP battles. This is your chance to compete with the top monster masters on the leaderboard. Can you defeat them and top the Pokemon world?

Features MOD:

  • God Mode
  • Some VIP Feature Enable


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