Outlander: Fantasy Survival 8.3 APK + MOD [God Mode] Download

Update OnMay 26, 2022
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Outlander: Fantasy Survival MOD APK is a new survival game dedicated to the mobile platform. Join the game and show your skills to survive the longest in the magical medieval world full of dangers. Build, craft, farm, develop industry, and fight are available here.

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Introduce about Outlander: Fantasy Survival

Outlander: Fantasy Survival – Return to the Middle Ages and learn to survive

Survival games are nothing new, but a name like Outlander: Fantasy Survival can be a breath of fresh air. It is a product from the publisher XTEN LIMITED, a type of survival role-playing game in a classic fantasy setting. The game still has all the elements of classic and modern survival games, including role-playing, adventure, building, and action. Thanks to that, it promises to bring a comprehensive experience inside and out. Good gameplay with high-quality graphics is what you like? This game has all of that for you.

Outlander: Fantasy Survival

It is a very new name, just released not too long ago. Can it replace the current hit games to become the new outstanding new survival game? Time will tell this question. But no matter what, we believe it will work with a well-rounded investment in all respects. If you love it, download the game through the link at the end of this article.

Do everything to survive

At the beginning of the game, you play the role of a healthy guy who has just had a mysterious accident. He didn’t seem to remember anything, but his memories no longer mattered. In front of him is a mysterious vast forest full of dangers that you cannot foresee. The mission now is to survive, do everything to survive, and return to your time. Gamers will start an adventure journey here, their mission is to find their way back and uncover the mysteries around them. This is a classic fantasy world, probably medieval. So there’s a lot that you don’t know, but learn it from scratch.

To survive, players will need food and water, which are the top two factors. Take a walk around and look for food sources available in the forest such as coconuts and fruits. But be careful, you may encounter strange monsters that eat people. Food is just the starting point. Later, gamers need to craft weapons and tools to build shelters and protect themselves from monsters. Going deeper, they can plant crops, build strongholds, and form groups to live through this tribulation together.

Agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing development

Outlander: Fantasy Survival is an endless journey. Gamers do not stop at one place but will explore to the end of the ancient world. So prepare a perfect plan to live and thrive. Think about sustaining and storing food by growing crops, building solid shelters with wood, axes, hammers, bricks, and more. Besides, gamers can become stronger by equipping weapons and equipment. In the beginning, you may only need axes and sticks, but later on, craft swords, knives, knives, and more.

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Enemies will grow stronger with your progress. Therefore, you will have to maintain and develop your potential if you want to survive for a long time. In the process, try to limit direct confrontations with enemies, and focus more on mining and building. But sometimes, fighting also gives gamers great loot. In general, depending on the situation, gamers should have appropriate strategies.

Meet special friends

During the survival journey, players will meet many special characters of ancient races. They are like you, weaklings threatened by ferocious monsters. Help them to collect reliable companions. Bigger means stronger, so don’t turn down the opportunity to help someone. At the same time, the characters in Outlander: Fantasy Survival are also interesting guides. They will suggest you treasure or clues to solve the mystery in the forest.

Realistic 3D graphics

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This game is not inferior to other games in terms of graphics. It is also equipped with 3D graphics with realistic, sharp, and vivid images. Each movement of the character is also very smooth, and operations such as holding, holding, fighting, and building are also quite realistic. Besides, we are also quite impressed with the game context. It is vast and can extend endlessly to many areas such as forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, dungeons. The sound is also great with background music and sounds from in-game movements.

How to install Outlander: Fantasy Survival

Step 1: Search for β€œOutlander: Fantasy Survival” at Modded-1.com and click the β€œDownload” link in the respective article. Next, please wait a few seconds and choose to download the game’s APK or MOD file.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: Wait for a moment for the installation to complete. Then you can enjoy the game on your phone.

Download Outlander: Fantasy Survival MOD APK for Android

Outlander: Fantasy Survival is a fairly new but complete name. It’s engaging enough to entice you into the experience for hours. Survival, construction, adventure are all here, promising an experience more refined and vivid than ever. Download the game now and go on a classic survival journey. The game is free to download, install and play with the MOD APK file here.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode

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