One Piece Thousand Storm 1.44.3 APK + MOD [Menu/9+ Features] Download

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Update OnDecember 20, 2022
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 4.2
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One Piece Thousand Storm MOD APK gathers all the characters from the famous manga series One Piece. Join the game, you need to accompany the guy Luffy with the goal of becoming the pirate king. This is a long and dangerous journey, you need to assemble an elite pirate army to conquer the whole challenge.

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Introduce about One Piece Thousand Storm

One Piece Thousand Storm – RPG game inspired by Luffy’s journey

One Piece Thousand Storm

A part of the story of the popular One Piece manga series will be vividly recreated in One Piece Thousand Storm. Transforming into Luffy, you and your teammates will overcome the tough challenges ahead with the dream of becoming a pirate king. There are many tasks and content that the publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc cleverly integrates into this game. They add to the complete collection of characters from the original manga. With more than 1 million installs on Google Play, this game will bring exciting adventures like never before on your Android mobile device.

Form a three-member pirate crew

Before participating in uncompromising battles, players need to form their own pirate crew. One Piece Thousand Storm allows parties to have up to three different members. Of course, you can own more characters but can only bring into battle up to three characters. Accordingly, most of the familiar characters are available for players to choose from easily.

These include the appearance of Zoro, Nami, Usop, Chopper, Trafalgar Law, and more. Remember that each character will have their own unique fighting skills for players to make appropriate decisions in each fight. You need to complete the required progress to be able to unlock rare pirates. Let’s start with ordinary pirates before thinking about owning super pirates at your party.

Take part in exciting turn-based battles

download one piece thousand storm mod

All battles in One Piece Thousand Storm take place in the familiar turn-based format. Specifically, the pirates of the two teams will automatically move and attack each other until one of the two teams loses. And your task is simply to click on the skill buttons available on the screen to help your character launch special moves toward the enemy. At the same time, powerful enemies will appear in turn after each stage. Therefore, you will not be able to avoid battles with the Pirates, Big Mom, Kaido, or even big Bosses.

Many interesting game modes

One Piece Thousand Storm offers many attractive game modes so that players can alternately change in each stage. Besides the main story mode, you should participate in 1v1 PK matches to compete with other opponents around the world. This is not the place to joke around, you need to show great strategy to be able to win against other opponents. In addition, valuable rewards are only available to those with high ratings. Are you among the best?

Develop strength for each character

Each character in the game will be displayed in the form of a representative card. On this card, you can easily see all the information related to them. Includes power, combat skills, name, appearance, and more. One Piece Thousand Storm offers an endless upgrade system that helps players develop the power of their characters to the maximum.

In addition to normal fighting skills, characters can activate special skills when their anger bar is full during battles. You can search for skill cards to unlock the power of each character in your party. The more cards you collect, the more special skills your characters will possess.

Sharp and accessible 3D graphics

download one piece thousand storm apk

The way to build images in One Piece Thousand Storm is relatively similar to the original when giving players lovely cartoon images along with eye-catching combat effects. In fact, from the costumes to the voice, all are designed to stick to the original so that players can easily visualize. Besides, the contexts in the game also show very well with the meticulousness in each design line. At the same time, the dialogues of the characters will also help you better understand the content that this game is conveying.

How to install One Piece Thousand Storm

Step 1: You can download One Piece Thousand Storm by searching for the game name on Modded-1.com or clicking on the MOD APK link below this article.

Step 2: The install button will appear right on the screen after the download is complete. Click on it to install the game on your device.

Step 3: Click on the game icon available on the device to start experiencing the game immediately.

Download One Piece Thousand Storm MOD APK for Android

You are ready to join One Piece Thousand Storm and enjoy uncompromising battles with the appearance of top pirates. The way to fight in the game is relatively easy to understand. You just need to touch the virtual skill buttons on the screen to help the characters launch beautiful combos toward the enemy. Moreover, the MOD version with the Mega Menu feature will help you easily win all the matches you participate in.

Features MOD:

  • 100% Chest Droprate
  • One Hit
  • God Mode
  • Free Evolution
  • No Belly Cost
  • Root Detection Bypass
  • Emulator Detection Bypass
  • Cheat Detection Bypass
  • Root Requirement Bypass


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