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Update OnAugust 8, 2022
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Welcome to the legendary anime world in the game Mitrasphere. This game is being sought by thousands of players around the world on mobile platforms. It has a bright color and fantasy storyline and impressive role-playing gameplay. In particular, the images in the game are beautifully designed even though only displayed on the 2D platform. The combat effects, colors, backgrounds, are all really attractive.

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Introduce about Mitrasphere

Mitrasphere – One of the hottest anime RPG games on mobile

Mitrasphere is a game of publisher Crunchyroll Games. This is a product exclusively for mobile platforms, both Android and iOS. Besides, you can even play it on your PC with an emulator to enjoy the performances on the big screen. Although it is quite new, it has left a great impression on the hearts of fans. So now, it has thousands of searches from gamers around the globe. That’s an impressive achievement, isn’t it?


Overall, Mitrasphere is an anime-style RPG with RPG gameplay. It builds a large fantasy world and allows the player to become the main character in the plot. Accordingly, players can travel through many different areas. Gradually unlock new things and enjoy enchanting battles. This game is not too difficult to play, even the way to control the character in the battle is quite simple and suitable for many players. So you can play it anywhere and anytime to relax.

Immerse yourself in the bright fairy world

Inspired by magical fairy tales, Mitrasphere brings a “breath” that is both gentle and alluring. You will play the role of anime characters, possessing powerful skills and ready to conquer all enemies. Thus, this game has two main contents: adventure and combat. Players will take turns going through different areas of the map to explore, meet new friends, and even new monsters. Together they will fight monsters to increase their strength and continue the journey.

The gameplay of Mitrasphere is quite simple, isn’t it? But your journey in the game is endless. There are many levels. From there unlock and there are many areas to explore in the adventure. You will also meet new opponents, from small to large monsters and even giant bosses throughout your journey. But you can create a team of anime warriors to fight together against all dangers.

The unique cast of characters

We’re really impressed with the characters in the game Mitrasphere. They are masters of magic and possess countless unique skills. There are more than 60 characters in the game but there is no overlap in skills. This shows the game’s thorough investment in its cast of characters. The characters are inspired by popular anime in Japan. Therefore, you can quickly recognize design lines that are both sweet and cool.

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In addition, in terms of skills, each character will have a completely different skill system. You just need to touch the move, then touch the target and the character will do it automatically. In a team, the characters can support each other well and you can enjoy the beautiful action. The Mitrasphere tier list will include female and male characters. Your task is to gather them in a reasonable way to bring out the full strength of each person.

Upgrade through each level

To face increasingly difficult challenges, your character needs to be upgraded to become more and more powerful. When you defeat a monster, your team will gain magic power that increases attack stats. You have to collect pellets from the most dangerous creatures to upgrade power with great progress. In general, upgrading is important because it affects the team’s fighting ability. But pay attention, each character will have a different upgradeability.

Impressive 2D graphics

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Although it only owns a 2D graphics platform, everything in the game appears very vivid. The large background with bright colors and the Mitrasphere symphony make the game romantic and engaging. In particular, the characters in the game appear with splendid appearance, vivid expressions, colorful performance effects. This is the most elaborately invested part of the game because it is the main factor that attracts the fans’ love.

How to install Mitrasphere

Step 1: Download Mitrasphere version (APK + MOD) at the MODDED-1 website.

Step 2: Allow the device to access apps of unknown origin if this is the first time downloading the APK file.

Step 3: Click on the display settings available on the screen.

Step 4: Complete the installation, the game icon will appear “Mitrasphere by MODDED-1” when logging in.

Download Mitrasphere APK for Android

It can be said that Mitrasphere is one of the most unique anime role-playing games for Android. You can’t seem to find a better 2D anime game than it right now. Thought that the low graphics platform would make this game boring, but on the contrary, everything played on the phone was too good. From the plot, gameplay to the context, characters, and sound, all leave a deep impression on gamers. Don’t stop until this adventure is over. There are many secret stories that you have never heard during the game.

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