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Update OnOctober 21, 2022
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Lucid Adventure APK is an action-adventure game in a 2D virtual world. You will accompany mighty chibi warriors in the series of battles against monsters and legendary dragons. And you can uncover mysteries in the original story, which is inspired by the popular Hardcore Leveling Warrior series.

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Introduce about Lucid Adventure

Lucid Adventure – Adventure and fight in the virtual world

Lucid Adventure

Lucid Adventure is a new game but with old and familiar gameplay, it’s a combination of adventure and action. In this game, gamers can gather heroes to participate in battles, defeat enemies, level up, and gradually explore game content. But there are many options for gamers to choose and gather in the squad, thereby creating diversity in strategy. Thanks to that, the game has its own charm and attracts many gamers. Moreover, it is designed with impressive 2D graphics. The great character images, a chibi style, flexible context, and vivid combat effects. Enjoy it all in this experience once you download it from Modded-1.

Build your army of heroes

This game is built based on the Hardcore Leveling Warrior, so the game content and gameplay are also quite similar to this series. There, gamers will participate in the adventure journey with legendary heroes. Their mission is to defeat every monster in each level to unlock new levels. Each level consists of 3 rounds from easy to difficult and ends with a boss battle. To win, gamers need to know how to combine heroes appropriately. At the same time, they also need to know how to control hero skills in battle.

Each hero has a different appearance and skills. In battle, they are presented as cards with a skill system that is visually displayed on the experience screen. Gamers only need to click on skills to attack the target. Heroes will automatically move forward and deal damage to enemies, so you don’t need to touch them to control them. However, what matters is your vision and strategy in choosing skills. Each skill takes a certain amount of time to recover. If you don’t know how to use it at the right time, failure is inevitable.

Unlock heroes and upgrade equipment

The hero system in Lucid Adventure will overwhelm you. They are familiar faces in the series and are depicted very close to the original version. Each hero possesses a different beauty and personality and is equipped with a unique set of skills. Therefore, everyone has their advantages and needs to be properly exploited in each fight. Furthermore, gamers can upgrade them continuously to impact their attack, HP, defense, and more stats. Thereby, the heroes will gradually reach magical power thresholds.

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Besides upgrading according to the level system, gamers can equip heroes with different items. They can unlock new weapons, equip boots, armor, healing potions, and more. These items have a significant effect on the hero’s strength, helping gamers gain an advantage in the battle.

Explore many different places

Lucid Adventure’s battles take place in many separate locations on the map. Gamers will gradually unlock all maps to discover new enemies and advancement opportunities. Besides, during the adventure through many locations, gamers will have the opportunity to unlock new hero cards with interesting stories about them. Pay attention to the dialogue in the game to better understand the origin story as well as the personality and origin of each hero.

In addition, gamers can join guilds to play with others and jointly promote and earn rewards. Moreover, do not miss the exciting PvP battles and strive to become the top ranker.

2D graphics with chibi style

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The game has a chibi design style mixed with beautiful 2D images. Character images are refined to clearly show each expression and appearance. However, in contrast to the cool looks in 2D form, the chibi figures of the hero are extremely cute and funny. Besides, the movements in combat are also quite funny. However, the combat effectiveness is extremely smooth and eye-catching. The sound is attractive, the background is colorful, and has a flexible change between stages. Therefore, the game’s graphics and sound are at a good level, impressive enough to play for a long time.

How to install Lucid Adventure

Step 1: Download Lucid Adventure MOD APK at Modded-1.com through the link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Wait a bit for it to finish downloading, then open the file and click “Install” to install it.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, you can open the game and enjoy it on your phone.

Download Lucid Adventure APK for Android

Lucid Adventure is a good and beautiful game, suitable for entertainment on the phone. The strategic gameplay is not too complicated, the controls are simple and idle. However, the game content is deep and wide enough to experience for a long time. Moreover, the battles with monsters and bosses are increasingly diverse and new. The hero and equipment system is also extremely unique to create your squad and strategy. Try it now and enter the online ranking mode.

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