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Update OnMarch 17, 2023
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The war between gods and demons is coming to an end in Immortal Awakening APK. Joining this fascinating MMORPG, players will have an extremely important role in ending this endless war. Remember that you are one of the last Awankeners of mankind, do whatever it takes to restore peace around the world.

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Introduce about Immortal Awakening

Immortal Awakening – MMORPG inspired by the war of gods and demons

The topic of war between gods and demons is not too strange for players at the moment. Each game has a way of exploiting this war in its own way to give players the most characteristic experience. Joining Immortal Awakening, players are tasked with ending this endless war through a series of available quests.

As a powerful Awankener, will you be able to end this war? Moreover, the publisher NEOCRAFT LIMITED also brings the appearance of powerful Bosses along with a diverse map system. This will definitely make the player’s experience significantly increase from the first time you enjoy it. Currently, you can play the game by downloading it through Google Play or at the APK link below this article.

Familiar story

Immortal Awakening is inspired by the endless war between gods and demons. The prolongation of this war has inadvertently pushed the human world to catastrophe. Of course, as one of the Awankeners with the ultimate blessing, you can’t let this happen. The world is slowly dying after endless wars, you need to act now to restore the inherent peace. To do this, you need to complete a lot of assigned tasks as well as develop the main character’s strength to the maximum.

Choose and build your own hero

Before starting, Immortal Awakening allows players to choose a suitable character to accompany them throughout the journey. It has 4 main classes: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Mage, and Necromancer. Each character has a unique appearance and fighting style to help players choose easily. Moreover, the deep customization system related to each character will help you create your own unique character, unlike other players. This variety of customization will make the game world more vivid.

Typical MMORPG gameplay

Immortal Awakening possesses familiar MMORPG gameplay, where players will have the opportunity to approach many other players around the world. You need to complete the assigned tasks to receive rewards and help the character become more and more powerful. Most of the content in the game revolves around battles with monsters or other players so you need to improve your fighting skills continuously.

Sometimes, you will have to move to dark dungeons to confront powerful Bosses. It could be giant creatures or even mutants with diverse fighting abilities. If you defeat the Boss, the reward you receive will be of higher value. Also, the game has many PvP activities available in this game. Thereby, you can fight, socialize, and play with friends in 1vs1, 5vs5 modes, and more.

Maximize your fighting ability

Combat skills are one of the most important factors that help you increase your victory rate in Immortal Awakening. First, familiarize yourself with the character control system that appears on the screen. It’s just a virtual steering wheel button with virtual keys for actions or skills.

You need to learn how to effectively combine skill virtual keys to create combos with the highest damage. At the same time, moving wisely in each battle will also help you dodge attacks from your opponent. Pay attention to the main character’s HP bar. If the HP bar reaches 0, it means you have lost the fight.

Eye-catching 3D graphics and outstanding attack effects

Sharp 3D graphics contribute to enhancing the player’s experience when enjoying Immortal Awakening. Accordingly, all the details in the game show their own attraction. You can see uniquely designed characters in diverse surroundings with constantly changing content. Each area has different design features to create a novelty for players to enjoy. Not only stopping there, but the eye-catching combat effects on the screen will also make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

How to install Immortal Awakening

Step 1: Click on the Immortal Awakening APK link below this article to download the game for your Android phone.

Step 2: To install APK, please go to “settings” and enable unknown sources.

Step 3: Now you can open the Immortal Awakening_ modded-1.com.apk file and install it.

Step 4: Wait until the installation is complete, you can open the game and play right away.

Download Immortal Awakening APK for Android

Immortal Awakening is an attractive MMORPG game with many different elements. You will quickly feel it through the content that this game conveys from the first time. Transform into any character and explore the huge open world with many exciting activities waiting. What are you waiting for? Quickly download this game to play now.


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