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Update OnJune 23, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels MOD APK is a visual novel game with captivating love story chapters. Do you enjoy luxury and relationships that are both romantic and tragic? So come here and indulge in your hobbies, and decide the end of relationships within your reach.

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Introduce about Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels

Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels – Immerse yourself in your love fantasy

Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels

There are too many mobile novel games on the gaming market right now, but Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels are among the most prominent. It is designed with a diverse story system and is updated daily. So whenever you have something new to watch and enjoy. Each story chapter comes with dozens of exciting endings to be decided by yourself. You are the main character and the one who leads the events of the story according to your imagination. Moreover, these are stories of love, wealth, and temptations. It is suitable for the vast majority of young gamers who are of their age looking for their love and career.

Captivating story chapters

What permeates the story chapters in this game is elegance and charm, whatever the genre, romance, thriller, or drama. But each story has its own highlights, and you’re sure to find your favorite there. We’ll suggest you some good stories to try:

MY BAD BILLIONAIRE: A billionaire boss has your sights set on you and has a tempting offer – “He wants you to play his wife.” Does this offer really appeal to you? If you agree, you will take a step to heaven in your career. But nothing is easy, there are mysteries behind that you need to clear. Be awake to see what is real love and just a business joke.

TIED UP BY CEO: A captivating yet tragic adult story. You’re madly in love with a handsome and confident guy, but he’s your boss. This will get you into trouble at work, but can you hold back your feelings?

THE PROPOSAL: It is a fascinating story beyond your imagination. An eccentric billionaire is ready to pay the cost just to fulfill your dreams. It is luxurious and luxurious parties, everything every girl dreams of. But beware of these easy temptations. Would someone willingly do this without personal gain?

Decide the appearance and course of the story

In each story of Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels, gamers can customize their appearance. It’s not a detailed selection of outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and more. Because they are all available with beautiful looks for you to choose quickly and get your party started right away. Do not think that this is not important, because it also affects the development of the story. Imagine what would happen if you looked terrible at a lavish party of your billionaire lover. Gamers should make the right choices to stand out from the rich crowd.

Choosing costumes or answering puzzles is how gamers interact with the story. Although the episodes are pre-built, gamers can change them to find the desired ending. It can be difficult for them to make a choice in some situations. But be comfortable with your choice. It doesn’t have to be a wise choice, as each choice helps the story continue in different ways. And it’s fun for you to explore all the sides and endings of the stories you like.

Beautiful and intuitive graphics

Accompanied by fascinating story chapters, Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels will make you more impressed with beautiful and vivid illustrations. Character images, backgrounds, and dialogue are all inspired by real life. Therefore, gamers will easily see the closeness and authenticity in each development of the story. Besides, the background music is also a part of making the game attractive. It changes flexibly according to each situation of the story and contributes to guiding the emotions of gamers.

How to install Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels

Step 1: Click the “Download” link in this article and please wait a few seconds for the download button to appear. Next, click to download the MOD or APK file of Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels to your Android phone.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and install it. Installation is usually quick, and you’ll get the game on your phone’s home screen.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy it.

Download Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels MOD APK for Android

Don’t hesitate to start your love story in Hot & Rich: Billionaire Novels. Are romantic and dramatic love stories what you’re looking for? You will decide the end of relationships, including loved ones with your boss. The temptations of wealth and glamor can lead you to unexpected decisions. So, consider each situation carefully and choose according to your preferences. This is the place to express your feelings and views in love.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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