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Studio Drill
Update OnJune 15, 2022
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Homo Idlecus

Are you looking for a free and idle role-playing game? Homo Idles is the best choice at the moment to be the world’s most idle man and go on adventures in prehistoric times. The fun fights will make you addicted, what are you waiting for?

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Introduce about Homo Idles

Homo Idles – New idle role-playing game for mobile platforms

If you are a fan of the idle game series, you definitely cannot miss the experience with Homo Idles. This game is a new product from the publisher Studio Drill, currently available on two mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

The game is also free to download at Google Play, the App Store, and right here at MODDED-1. So you can download and play games anytime without paying any fee. It’s great, isn’t it? But it’s even better with its incredibly addictive role-playing gameplay. The game context is extremely rich and the possibilities for upgrading are limitless for you to explore for hours every day. Not much to do but still, feel happy, that’s the attraction of Homo Idles. Do you like it?

Go back to prehistoric times and have fun battles

The setting of Homo Idles takes place in prehistoric times when everything was very primitive. Here, gamers will become idle men with the most rudimentary tools and have fun adventures. That adventure will continue through levels where you fight hordes of monsters from small to large and even Boss. But the most attractive point is the reward system with equipment, weapons, skins … They will be great for character upgrading to be ready for new, more difficult battles.

With idle genre, this game has really simple gameplay. Gamers just need to touch the joystick in the center of the screen to move the character and watch him attack automatically. In addition, looting items and using skills can also be set up in Auto mode. So it doesn’t seem to bother you to fully enjoy the wars on the vertical screen of your phone. However, pay a little attention to your HP, please keep it stable to continue the fun.

Various items to equip and upgrade

Contrary to idle gameplay is an extremely thoughtful and diverse item system. There are dozens of unique things to try like rings, necklaces, armor, boots, hats. They are useful to upgrade your character’s defenses over time. Besides, the game also has many fancy skins that gamers can receive when reaching enough levels. From casual clothes to animal skins, warriors, captains, ninjas, and more. They will make your character really impressive and cool.

In addition, the weapon system in the game also automatically upgrades over time. First a tree, then a stone ax, sword, and even a golf club. The weapon skin will change to match the character’s skin, and it will gradually improve to increase damage. As a result, players can fight faster as they level up, thereby shortening game screen time and reward time.

Various skills

In addition to items and weapons, characters in the game also have the ability to use their own skills. There are two types of skills: active and passive. While active skills are inherent skills, passive skills can be unlocked and learned over time. Homo Idles has dozens of unique skills with impressive combat effects. But you can also set them to automatically deploy in battle when fully charged.

When learning a new skill, equip that skill for your character to become stronger. There are at most 5 positions for 5 skills, so you should consider before choosing which skills to equip. Each skill will need a certain recovery time for the next use. Meanwhile, the character will attack normally with weapons.

Funny 2D graphics

Although everything in Homo Idles is quite simple, it is still very impressive. Character images are designed with funny looks and expressions. It gets even more fun when you apply it with unique skins. In addition, the game context is also really diverse, showing the difference through each level. The combat effects are also great with outstanding colors and vivid sounds in each action.

How to install Homo Idles

Step 1: You can download the version Homo Idles (APK or MOD) for free on Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Allow unknown installation on your Android device.

Step 3: Open the file Homo Idles_MOD_modded-1.com.apk just download and install it.

Step 4: The game icon will appear on the phone screen as soon as the installation is complete. You just need to click on it to open and play right away.

Download Homo Idles MOD APK for Android

The idle and fun battles in Homo Idles will make you addicted. Play with your funny character and adorable pets, and upgrade your character with new weapons, equipment, and skills. A series of daily tasks and attractive rewards will make you unable to sit still. But just touch the screen to play and enjoy the beautiful combat effects. What was more amazing?

Features MOD

  • God Mode
  • High Attack DMG
  • High Skill DMG


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