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Update OnNovember 21, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Tickets
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Escape: Interactive Stories MOD APK is a collection of many interesting interactive stories. You will be immersed in fantasy worlds full of challenges and temptations. You are the one to decide your story, finding true love, or the career of your dreams.

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Introduce about Escape: Interactive Stories

Escape: Interactive Stories – Immerse yourself in sweet and mysterious fantasy stories

Escape: Interactive Stories

Get ready to enjoy the hottest collection of love stories in Escape: Interactive Stories. It covers all popular genres including drama, adventure, romance, mystery, and fantasy. Each story will bring you its own emotions and meanings after the journey of discovery. You will always be the main character who decides the course and end of each story. So make a wise decision to find what you want. Don’t hesitate to replay it again and again and discover many twists and turns that were unmatched in your previous experience. Puzzles, illustrations, choices, and music are the perfect combination that makes this game.

Choose your favorite story

Gamers will start the game by choosing the story or their adventure. The game includes many featured stories in many genres and is updated weekly. Among them, we would like to suggest to you some of the best stories, including:

All The Wrong Places: You’ll spend two weeks walking around in Paris under a fake name. Everything is normal and fun until you meet a charming artist. Will you let him guide your heart and feelings?

Crave: The story takes place in a mysterious academy setting. You think it’s normal until a male student notices you and reveals a deadly truth about this school. Will you and him overcome the challenges in school and find your true feelings? Join the story and solve the mystery, and help the girl win the heart of the attractive male student.

The Naked Truth: It’s a perfect drama where you become a talented female lawyer on the verge of a promotion that can change her life. But things don’t go as she planned when a billionaire guy appears in your life. Is this relationship as sincere and hot as you think? Make a wise decision to get both love and a career.

Valkyrie: Your dream is to become the first female Marine in history. To fulfill your dream, you have exchanged a beauty queen crown. It is a precious trade-off that leads you to an adventure beyond imagination. A marine trainer with outstanding looks and talent will be a threat to your dreams. Will you choose love or initial orientation?

Customize your character’s appearance

In Escape: Interactive Stories, the player can customize the main character’s appearance before and during each story. There are many unique options from hairstyles to outfits, enough for you to create many of your own styles. Costumes are an important part of every story, influencing the direction of the story as well as how you feel about your character. It is something that excites every gamer and is the additional element that makes the game attractive.

Explore multiple endings

Each story has many endings, each end will give you a unique feeling. It is the result of the player’s sequence of choices in the story’s exploration. Each choice affects the ending, reflecting the player’s perspective and wisdom in mastering situations. So if you really understand yourself, you will easily find a good ending. But if it’s a bad ending, don’t worry, go back to the game and change your choices.

Vivid illustrations and intuitive dialogue

Escape: Interactive Stories’ allure comes largely from its graphics. It is vividly depicted with beautiful and colorful 2D images. The characters in the game are designed like real people, with realistic dialogues and expressions. The game context is equally diverse, and the music is great, helping to guide the player’s emotions well. All in all, everything is fine to create a completely interactive experience. Although it is a virtual game, everything is quite realistic, creating a close and intuitive role-playing feeling.

How to install Escape: Interactive Stories

Step 1: Get the Escape: Interactive Stories MOD APK file at Modded-1.com via the “Download” link in this article.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select Install.

Step 3: Open the game as soon as the installation is complete and enjoy the perfectly interactive stories with our amazing MOD feature.

Download Escape: Interactive Stories MOD APK for Android

Escape: Interactive Stories is an interesting stop for you to experience many mysterious love stories. Characters with beautiful looks and well-organized dialogue will make you excited. Each story has its own characteristics to make you remember and love it. It can be a sweet, romantic, hot love story or full of mystery and tragedy. But no matter what, you are always the master of your own story as the main character. So don’t hesitate to make your choice and decide what to do next.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Tickets


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