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Update OnJanuary 13, 2022
MOD FeaturesOne Hit Kill
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Dead Age MOD APK is the new survival game that brings you to the dark apocalypse world. You can play and enjoy the very unique hand-drawn graphic background here. Not only adventure and survival, but the game also offers mysterious stories to discover. Action, turn-based combat, crafting and decoding story endings, why not?

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Introduce about Dead Age

Dead Age – Action role-playing game with a classic zombies setting

Dead Age is a product from the popular publisher Headup and developer Silent Dreams. It was first released in July 2016 on various platforms such as PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One. This game is available for less than 5$ on Google Play and App Store. But you can also get it for free with a bunch of awesome MOD features at MODDED-1. So, there is nothing stopping you from playing it to enjoy the classic survival feeling on your phone.

Dead Age

Like many games of the same genre, Dead Age is set in an apocalyptic world where humans have to fight zombies. However, the way it depicts this setting is quite unique and different with turn-based combat gameplay and hand-drawn graphics. Besides, it does a great job at building non-linear stories. Therefore, it is considered an innovation in the RPG survival game genre. If you’re interested in that, come with us to explore more.

Survive and manage the last survivors

Right after the zombie explosion, you are lucky to survive and join a group of people left. But that’s just the beginning of a challenging survival journey with harsh natural conditions and zombie attacks. Accordingly, gamers will become one of the pre-built characters in the game. They will join teammates, manage survivors, craft weapons, and fight zombies. It’s gameplay familiar to every gamer, right?

But unlike traditional survival gameplay, Dead Age possesses turn-based action gameplay. Specifically, players will have to face zombies directly, attack them and receive counterattacks. However, compared to zombies, you have an advantage by powerful weapons, especially guns. But that’s just the beginning, the difficulty will increase because the zombies are more numerous and stronger. So what do you have to do to survive the nightmare days?

Collecting items and crafting

To survive, gamers cannot sit still while the food is gradually running out. So, send someone to explore the map and see what it has. Many food items and precious items will help you through the days to come. The items are usually armor, weapons, shoes, traps, are necessary to upgrade each character. Besides, mysterious details will open in the journey to find and collect items.

download dead age apk

The most popular weapons in Dead Age are probably guns. But there are many other categories that are also needed to be distributed among multiple people in the group. For example, a shotgun, a wooden pestle, knife, even heavy weapons like fire guns, bombs. In addition, players can pick up equipment to craft or trade with other groups of people.

Diverse character system

Dead Age allows gamers to control multiple characters in one experience. Meanwhile, each character possesses distinct advantages. The strength of the character is shown by stats, for example, the ability to defend, attack, observe, aim, healthy. Besides, you can upgrade the character by giving him training in matches. Moreover, equip the necessary items such as armor and weapons.

The different characters have an intimate relationship in the game. From there, they create many unique stories to discover and decipher. Most of those stories are non-linear, meaning it plays out depending on the player’s actions and choices. So, if played well, gamers can unlock one of the game’s six endings. It shows how you handle situations and relationships.

Realistic 3D graphics

download dead age mod

We were really impressed with the graphics quality in Dead Age. It owns a realistic 3D background with a sophisticated and well-organized design style. The character interface is sharp and has its own character. Besides, the game context is quite diverse, allowing gamers to immerse in the rare natural beauty. In particular, the background music and creepy sounds throughout the experience also help to show the game content. All in all, everything is great for you to play for hours without getting bored.

How to install Dead Age

As mentioned at the beginning, you can download Dead Age MOD APK for free at MODDED-1. But please follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the (APK or MOD) version of Dead Age at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Before opening the file and installing it, please enable unknown installation on your device.

Step 3: Install the game and enjoy it right after the installation is complete.

Download Dead Age MOD APK for Android

Dead Age promises not to disappoint you with its simple yet addictive survival gameplay. This is a great place to join the journey to conquer the dead land and lead your team through all difficulties. Not only that, unique stories will be available to explore. And relationships will open to further develop the story until the very end. Don’t stop until you open one of the endings of the story. Let’s go.

Features MOD:

  • One Hit Kill


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