Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer MOD APK 1.0.0 [Free Draws/Unlocked] Download

Update OnAugust 4, 2022
MOD FeaturesFree Draws/Unlocked
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 8.0
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Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer MOD APK brings big changes compared to previous Danganronpa versions. There is a lot of content that you should explore to better understand a much-loved tropical resort. First, let’s learn more about this game through the information in the article.

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Introduce about Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer – Explore Jabberwock island with characters in Danganronpa

Danganronpa is known as a long-standing video game brand that is famous all over the world. After many different versions, publisher SPIKE CHUNSOFT has decided to bring the most powerful improved version with the name Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer. This is considered a great combination with the appearance of familiar characters in Danganronpa with more than 1000 different event scenes.

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer

At the same time, you can also collect illustrations of Mono Mono Machine characters to enjoy the fun in your own way. This game is currently on sale for $15.99 per download through Google Play. This is quite a large amount for basic players, so you should download the APK or MOD version on our website to save money.

Tropical resort-inspired setting

The Jabberwock Tropical Resort is the main location for players to explore in Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer. Accordingly, you will follow a group of students on an unstable vacation journey in this place. Starting from the story of Komaru Naegi, he is the main character of this game. After an invitation to the graduate program, he and other students will explore everything on Jabberwock Island. And you need to accompany this main character to make sure everything is always safe.

Choice of Development or Battle mode

Unlike previous versions, Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer allows players to choose one of two suitable game modes. It’s Development mode and Battle mode. For Development mode, you will level up different Danganronpa characters. At the same time, the game format in the form of squares will also be applied during 50 rounds. Each turn represents a day in the game, and you need to conquer all six available islands.

download danganronpa s ultimate summer mod

In contrast, the Battle mode focuses on the process of exploring mysterious dungeons. You will be formed a team of four different characters to fight enemies from simple to complex. There are up to 200 different floors waiting for you to explore. And after 10 floors, you will have to fight a powerful Boss to decide the right to continue.

Unlock new characters

The character system in Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer is quite diverse with the appearance of familiar characters in the series of the same name. Of course, some new characters will also appear to give players new options. As of now, you can own 62 different characters in this game.

The entire character will be divided into 4 rarity levels, and you need to own the specified coins to unlock them. At the same time, you can also complete the missions assigned by the system to unlock new characters. Besides, the player’s luck determines the rarity of the character he will own.

Shopping in the School Store

School Store is a place for players to shop for anything they like in this game. Here, you can use the Monokuma Medals and Monocoins obtained in battles to buy boosters and unlock new characters. Remember that the higher the rarity of the characters, the faster their development will be compared to the rest of the characters. Besides, you can also download our MOD version to get a free draw, thereby increasing your odds of getting valuable rewards while playing the game.

2D graphics developed in a classic style

download danganronpa s ultimate summer apk

In fact, the graphics quality of Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer only stops at 2D, but what it brings is still very good. The classic style applied in this game helps players have a more nostalgic feeling during the enjoyment. Accompanying that is the way the characters are designed quite similar to the previous versions so that players quickly feel familiar. Sound quality is also shown very well with lively background music emitted when playing.

How to install Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer

Step 1: Download the APK or MOD (Free Draws) version of Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer from Modded-1.com

Step 2: If this is your first time downloading the APK file, you should go to Settings -> allow device access to unknown apps.

Step 3: Then you proceed to click the Install button to install the game.

Step 4: After the successful installation process, click on the Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer icon and experience it right away.

Download Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer MOD APK for Android

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer possesses the same familiar features as previous versions, and will have certain improvements in terms of content. Thanks to that, players will always feel new during the game even if they have played previous versions of Danganronpa. Are you ready to transform into the main character and explore the tropical resort of Jabberwock Island in your own way?

Features MOD:

  • Free Draws/Unlocked


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