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Inspired by the war between heroes and monsters, the role-playing game AnimA ARPG promises to bring players exciting journeys to experience. This is the most successful product from the publisher Redeev at the moment. First, let us learn briefly about it.

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Introduce about AnimA ARPG

AnimA ARPG – The Reign of Darkness

In the past, Diablo has made any player feel unable to take their eyes off the screen while experiencing. But with the development of RPG games in the present time, this game no longer holds its unique position. Therefore, many new products have appeared and competed with each other in terms of gameplay as well as image quality.

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AnimA ARPG is a game that has quite a lot of similarities with the legendary Diablo game. This will definitely give you the same experience but simplified as it is developed on a mobile platform. Currently, this game has received more than 1 million installs on Google Play and you can download it to your device completely free.

Choose your character

Most role-playing games provide players with a relatively easy storyline when you will be role-playing as real heroes to save the world. In AnimA ARPG, players will also accompany their characters and try to overcome built-in challenges and missions.

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First, the player will have to choose one of the three built-in characters. Includes warriors, mages, and archers. The strength of each warrior in the game will be completely different. For example, warriors have strong offensive abilities, mages have the ability to manipulate magic, and archers possess the ability to attack accurately. Besides, AnimA ARPG also allows players to upgrade the power of their characters by collecting more weapons or unlocking new skills during the game.

Endless gameplay

As mentioned, AnimA ARPG will bring players to endless dungeons where you will have to face a lot of monsters to save the world. After successful character selection, the journey begins immediately. The special thing is that the monsters in the game will not appear directly. But it requires players to overcome the built-in dangerous mazes.

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Each stage in the game will include many different pitfalls and they are ready to destroy you at any time. Therefore, be very careful with your every move if you do not want to lose quickly. Note, on some levels, the player must destroy the Bosses at the end of the level to be able to continue his journey.


The control method of AnimA ARPG will not change too much compared to the same genre. Players will still use the virtual control button on the left side of the screen to help their character move. Then, use the action buttons located on the right to perform attacks. In general, the control of this game has been cleverly adjusted to make it more suitable for mobile devices.

The difficulty increases gradually

You may not know, AnimA ARPG is a casual role-playing game so it will not integrate online game mode. Therefore, players need to join Campaign mode and complete the assigned missions to help the character increase strength.

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Currently, this game integrates more than 40 different levels with the tendency to gradually increase the difficulty in each mission. This will definitely help players feel the attraction when enjoying. In addition, players can choose from more difficult levels than usual if they want to challenge themselves. Of course, if you complete the difficult challenge, the reward you will receive will be more valuable.

Diverse equipment system

To complete the task easier, a variety of equipment systems will definitely be an indispensable element in this game. AnimA ARPG has more than 200 different pieces of equipment allowing players to customize characters easily. In addition, some high-end equipment in the game also possesses some unique characteristics, but it is not easy to find them.

Besides weapons, players can also find 8 types of gems with different properties in this game. Their main function is to help your character become stronger in battles.

Graphics quality

Can be noticed, the graphics of AnimA ARPG are designed very carefully from color to display details. The main color tone of the game is black, thereby giving players a feeling of fear and always alert when experiencing. Most of the details in the game are also detailed, along with the clear 3D effects appearing on the screen will definitely make you feel satisfied. Besides, the sound system that this game brings also contributes to the excitement for players to enjoy.

How to install AnimA ARPG

Step 1: Download the AnimA ARPG version (APK + OBB) from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock settings on Android. Secure access, open “ON” to allow unspecified access to apps.

Step 3: Extract the file “OBB” and move the file “com.ExiliumGames.Anima.zip” to the Android/Obb folder.

Step 4: Tap install.

Step 5: Follow the instructions from MODDED-1.

Download AnimA ARPG MOD APK for Android

AnimA ARPG not only attracts players because its gameplay is quite similar to Diablo but also gives you a new feeling when experiencing it on your mobile device. Obviously, this game is invested in every aspect from the gameplay to the quality of the graphics. So we believe it will make you feel excited from the first experience. What are you waiting for? Download the game via the APK link below the article to enjoy it now.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode
  • Damage Multiplay
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Points


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