AB Evolution 2023 MOD APK 2.9.14 [High Damage] Download

Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Update OnMarch 19, 2023
MOD FeaturesHigh Damage
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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  • High Damage
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The legendary Angry Birds are back in AB Evolution 2023 MOD APK. Gather them into your squad and engage in fun turn-based battles to kick the green pigs off Bird Island.

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Introduce about AB Evolution 2023

AB Evolution 2023 – Hundreds of hilarious Angry Birds are back

AB Evolution 2023 is a hit game from publisher Rovio. It launched quite a while ago and is constantly being updated. As of now, it is the latest version for 2022 and is now available on Google Play to download and play for free. This game is probably no stranger to gamers who love legendary angry birds. It continues to recreate the never-ending battle between the birds and the green pigs that specialize in stealing eggs. But it will be completely new gameplay, promising many surprises and fun.

Fun cartoon graphic style is still the highlight of Rovio’s games. And you will see it again in this game, with many new character images and new enemies. So get ready to welcome them all back in new battles. Play casual or PvP to compete with others, earn rewards, and unlock all the unique character cards for your bird squad.

Fun gameplay

As always, you will be engaged in an uncompromising battle to drive the ugly green pigs from the lovely land of birds. But this time, there are no crossbows and birds as bullets. Instead, there are turn-based battles where the birds become true warriors to play fair. Your task is to unlock the character cards and put them in the squad. Next, control each of your bird heroes to shoot at the enemies and try to deal as much damage as possible.

The gameplay of AB Evolution 2023 seems like a game of billiards. The player will drag the bird backward so that it jumps forward, then bounces in many other directions and stops when it runs out of momentum. Along the way, the birds will damage enemies and reduce their HP. The more collisions, the greater the damage. Therefore, the mechanics of the game mainly require observation skills and shooting angle selection. The battle will be turn-based and end when your or your enemy’s HP reaches 0.

Familiar characters

Familiar angry birds will be an integral part of AB Evolution 2023. Players can discover them by unlocking cards. Each card corresponds to a bird, so the card arrangement is to arrange the birds in the formation. Therefore, the tactical factor is also very important, reflected in the way players choose character cards. But with a super unique character collection, gamers can freely unlock and choose. Each character has a different appearance, bringing new inspiration to gamers.

Besides, each bird can be upgraded by each level. The higher the level, the better the power. And more specifically, each bird will have a different appearance when upgraded, from an ordinary bird to a super cool warrior. In addition to the familiar birds in the previous games, AB Evolution 2023 also has more than 100 new characters. Green pigs have also been added, including a Boss with a giant body.

Exciting PvP battles

Bird managers wouldn’t hesitate to take on the big challenge, wouldn’t they? Then participate in PvP battles to challenge other online players. You can conquer enemies to increase your ranking points and get bonuses. Bonuses are tools to unlock many cards from common to rare. The more cards, the easier it is to diversify the squad and surprise the opponent.

Weekly events

Don’t miss out on the unique events in AB Evolution 2023. It’s your place to explore the big tournaments and get a chance to collect the rarest bird cards. In addition, players can also form clans to play and interact with friends online. Each clan will have its own position. You can strive for your clan, build it to be the biggest clan on the global leaderboard.

Funny pictures and lively sounds

The angry birds still keep their funny appearance and unique skills. The battlefield scene is super diverse, from deserts, caves, deep forests, ice and snow, and many more. The background is always bright, colorful, and vibrant. The combat effects are vivid, making each bird shot very eye-catching.

How to install AB Evolution 2023

Step 1: Search for “AB Evolution 2023” on Modded-1.com and click the download link in the article. Please wait a few seconds for the game’s APK or MOD file to load.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”.

Step 3: Please wait a moment for the installation to complete. After that, the game will be ready to open on your phone.

Download AB Evolution 2023 MOD APK for Android

AB Evolution 2023 is a fun game to play and entertain all the time. You can discover legendary Angry Birds characters with many unique upgraded skins and many new characters. They are the real warriors in this 3D game, and they can bring you glory. Gather and recruit all into the squad and bring them to the battlefield of justice, where the birds will punish the egg thieves. Let’s go.


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