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Hutch Games
Update OnJanuary 29, 2022
Category Racing Games
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Puzzle Heist MOD APK is a new action game with diverse gameplay, beautiful graphics, and eye-catching sounds and effects. Play on the vertical screen of your phone with match-3 puzzle levels that combine exciting racing and combat, ready to go?

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Introduce about Puzzle Heist

Puzzle Heist – An addictive racing game that combines puzzles

Puzzle Heist is a game that converges today’s favorite genres, which are racing and match-3 puzzles. It comes from the publisher Hutch Games, a studio specializing in developing racing games on mobile. So, it is not too difficult to understand when this new game of theirs attracts many fans. But unlike its predecessors, this game will have new and unique gameplay that has never been seen before. A great combination to bring racing experience in colorful puzzles, do you like it?

Puzzle Heist

You can play Puzzle Heist by searching for it on Google Play and downloading it. Besides, you can also get it at MODDED-1 right at the “Download” link at the end of this article. There is a MOD APK version of the game available for you to choose from and enjoy on your Android device.

Form a crew and start your adventures

Coming to Puzzle Heist, players will take the role of a coach of a team of talented and personality crews. Their mission is to gather members into the team and send them into battles with the opposing team of the Jericho faction. There will be dozens of crew characters with unique looks and distinct skills. Make good use of them in all your formations and win medals on every 3D battlefield.

Along with your squad, players will have adventures in a diverse game environment. Tournaments from small to large will be held daily for you to join and face thousands of other online opponents. Car races or direct hand-to-hand combat will delight gamers not only because of the addictive gameplay but also by the eye-catching color effects. You will see how your special characters play to their strengths and take down your opponents. However, they also need your control, the strategic managers.

Puzzles for racing and action, why not?

The main gameplay content of Puzzle Heist is the dramatic racing screen on the vertical screen. Players will choose 5 members from their collection and send them to endless highway racing. They must take down each member of the opposing team with their match-3 puzzle abilities and use characters’ skills. Combine the same symbols and create amazing explosion effects to drain your enemy’s HP. At the same time, allowing each character on the team to show off their skills will finish the opponent faster. Note, your team also takes damage from enemy attacks, it’s turn-based.

So, victory will come when you really play the puzzle well and have the right battle strategy. It’s the same indirect battles to defend your turf. Send out the strongest members to confront the powerful thugs from the enemy. You also combine finger puzzles and each character’s skills to attack and win. However, try to create many big combos to gain an advantage.

Unlock characters and upgrades

Puzzle Heist brings a system of more than 100 unique characters. So players can gradually unlock and explore all the characters in their experience. Each character will have its own strength, which is indicated by the stats. Players can upgrade them to enhance their combat abilities, and unlock and upgrade their equipment and vehicles… Upgrading is like a way to train your character, taking them up a level. New levels to exploit in the upcoming wars.

3D graphics with amazing effects

The car races or action battlefields in Puzzle Heist are vividly depicted in a 3D environment. Everything appears sharp and realistic, especially in the character system. Each character shows their own beauty thanks to their unique appearance design and expression. Besides, the game context is also quite diverse with vivid weather conditions (day, night). In particular, gamers can feel the explosive color effects on match-3 puzzle boards. Or smooth racing scenes with crash effects and realistic engine sounds are equally impressive.

How to install Puzzle Heist

Step 1: Download the Puzzle Heist (APK or MOD) version at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Enable unknown settings in the β€œsettings” section of the device.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file (Puzzle Heist_MOD_modded-1.com.apk) and select β€œinstall”. Wait about 1 minute for the installation to complete.

Step 4: The game icon will appear on the phone screen interface and you just need to select it to open and play right away.

Download Puzzle Heist MOD APK for Android

Puzzle Heist is a new game with unique gameplay when there is a perfect combination of puzzle and action, racing. It’s pretty simple yet addictive to play for a few hours a day. Just touch the screen to puzzle, race, fight and explore. But you can feel the attraction from the character’s skill effects and colorful explosions on the match-3 puzzle board. So, enjoy vibrant music tunes and play it your way.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode

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